Close up Calligraphy writing: Learning Copperplate day 19

Close up of me writing with a dip pen and ink on beautiful recycled, textured paper.
I’m still a novice! Today is my 19th day of practicing writing Copperplate.
I’m writing “Do not forget to take time to enjoy the little things in life”.
The X height of the letters is 1 cm = 3/8 inch.
** Materials used **
– Brause Arrow 66 EF nib
– Speedball straight Holder
– Noodler’s Walnut ink + Mir Gum arabic + Water
– Very old recycled paper (textured)
I had to mute the sound, as there were too many background noises (Bus, airplane, neighbour’s dog).
Since I’ve mostly been practicing on plain printer paper, I was completely mesmerized by the feel of this paper, how thin my lines came out (On the plain paper even the thinnest lines come out much thicker), and by how the walnut ink interacted with the paper, with the kind help of the nib.


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