Carving Luffy vs Katakuri – Woodart Vietnam

Carving Luffy fighting Katakuri by using Doussie Wood.
it took him many time and effort to sculpture this One piece art.
The Fighting between Luffy and Katakuti is the most epic scence fighting in One Piece, so in order to carve this wood art, you need to be very patient and careful to make many small details.
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►Source: One piece Episode 869
Luffy vs Katakuri
One Piece Episode 870
One Piece Capitulo 870
Luffy vs Katakuri Full Fight
Luffy Snake Man vs Katakuri AMV
Luffy Gear 4 Snake Man Vs. Katakuri full fight
One Piece
One Piece AMV
One Piece Episode 870
One Piece Episode 871 Preview
One Piece Capitulo 870
One Piece Capitulo 871 Adelanto
Katakuri vs. Luffy
Luffy Snake Man vs Katakuri Full Fight
871 preview Gear 4
► The model photo is inspires by Jacksdo studio


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