Beginning Oil Painting by Jon Houglum – Colors

This is a small segment of a Set of 4 DVDs or a USB Flash Drive of 260 minutes of files converted to 4 mp4 files. Available on website The USB Flash drive is perfect for artists who don’t have access to a DVD drive or a DVD player. I demonstrate how to prepare canvas, how to use the painter’s palette, how to mix colors, the tenting power of colors, the color wheel, basic drawing and painting techniques. I demonstrate how to block in the sky strata and the mountains in the background and how to blend the paints to soften the edges. My lesson on how paint a tree is the simplest way I know to paint a tree. I demonstrate how to use lights and darks to get visual interest. As a bonus I demonstrate how to paint a mountain stream. Day two I revisit the painting to make the darks darker and the lights lighter to show visual contrast to bring the painting to completion by the end of the day.


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