Art In The Digital Age | Internet Week

PART ONE: To celebrate Internet Week Europe, explores how the web is changing and influencing the world of art. We speak to six experts including James Davis – Program Manager at Google Art Project; New York based digital artists, Reed+Rader; Louise Shannon, Head of Contemporary Projects at the V&A; Shane Walter, co-founder of onedotzero; and digital designers Keiichi Matsuda and Nazareno to uncover how the digital shift is shaking up the art world. Galleries are moving online, platforms are popping up where you can buy digital art and with the rise of online pin boards and visual blogs, anyone can now curate their own individual online galleries. In Part One, we debate online art vs. art online, question the future role of galleries and discuss the internet as a creative platform for artists who no longer need to be classically trained.

What do you think about art in the digital world? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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