Apple Pencil VS A Real Pencil ~ Artismia Drawing ( iPad Pro & Paper by 53 )

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Finally got my hands on the new Apple Pencil, and have decided to put it to the test. In this first video of “Artistic Art Battles of Artismia.” Three rounds of traditional still life drawing EXERCISES (Defined as a task or activity done to practice or test a skill.) (30 minutes or less), using paper and a pencil, and Paper (By 53) on an iPad and a Pencil (By Apple). The Apple Pencil is very impressive, much more than expected! (ERB Reference/influence intended to be obvious! Thank you for noticing.)
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* Apple pencil vs. Color Pencils:
* Apple Pencil VS Paint Brush:
* Apple Pencil VS Real Pencil The REMATCH:
* Apple Pencil VS Paint Brush PT2:

Apple Pencil: (affiliate)
Ebony Pencil: (affiliate)
Apple iPad Pro: (affiliate)

App Used : Paper (By 53)
(Yes I am aware of other iPad drawing apps. The point of this exercise/challenge is to keep it as limited as possible. To focus on the tool and the outcome/”Artwork”, not the endless features and options of the app used.)

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Music: Composed (in it’s entirety) By: Artismia – using Royalty-Free audio and music loops via Soundtrack Pro by Apple Computer Inc. Software.

iPad App used “Paper by 53”

After more than 25 years, of using Design Ebony Pencils (Equivalent to a 6B) , they are still my favorite. If you need more than one pencil to create a Munsell Value Scale, you are doing it wrong!

( F.Y.I. ) Oh by the way, this video is pointless. Hence the reason for such a ridiculous means of presentation. 🙂 It is completely subjective and quite insignificant. That in itself, is more modern “art” then the drawings themselves. (Which, (if you didn’t read it the first time.) were nothing more than simple exercises, to determine for myself the functionality of the tool. (apple pencil)) Additionally; the video is just a means of provocation. Which is obviously working.

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