Andrea Pozzo and the Gods! with

Some More Theories on Our Potential Past History that continues to elude us and be re-written every day. Just thoughts, observations, and theories… there’s no need to get upset if you disagree.. i don’t claim anything as TRUTH.. just freely thinking and imagining 😉

This video deals with Andrea Pozzo and the Triumph of St. Ignatius which can be found on a jesuit church in Rome. This Artwork easily rivals the Sistine Chapel of Michelangelo, and barely anyone has heard of it. It is a pure Architectural and Artistic masterPEACE that boggles the mind to wonder how someone could have done it so perfectly.

So here are some thoughts inspired by observing and analyzing this Art from a completely different perspective than most Art historians.. i didn’t learn my Art history through academia, i am piecing it together by comparing it to my own personal expriences as an Artist who thinks and wonders freely, without boundaries..

So while i present a lot of different things, I also know that NOTHING can be trusted, everything must be questioned, when there are shades of doubt. Our history has doubts, Everywhere, and what we have been taught tends to vary drastically from what we observe.. and what we observe is just a small fraction of the Art and sculpture that existed, and still exists today, hidden from historical record, and from the public view..

This also deals with America and the truth about it’s past, which is radically different than what we have all been taught in school. Someone crafted a lot of fairy tales and myths about Christopher Columbus and all the ‘discoveries’ of America… there were buildings here, most likely long before Columbus, and America may have been a very old place.. if it wasn’t America always, maybe it was tARTaria.. or maybe something else.. how long have these builders been creating masterpeace’s on eARTh??? What are they trying to show us?? Why and for who did they really create these visions, and for what purpose?? to tell us future humans, what……

So here are some thoughts on all of this.. Enjoy, Share, and stay tuned for more videos PEACEin it Together, with

the TRUTH awaits re-discovery 😉


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