Acrylic/Oil Painting Time-lapse | Aurora Borealis

My newest oil painting features the colorful glow of the Northern lights dancing over a winter landscape. A warm glow emerges from the cabin below as the light reflect quietly off the warm spring fed creek.

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Colors I used and mixtures:
Sky – I used phthalo blue green shade and chromatic black for the darkest area of the sky. I used cobalt blue and manganese blue for the deep rich blues. The lighter magentas and purples were using quinacridone magenta and ultramarine violet. The bright greens were using manganese blue, yellow, and white. and finally the bright yellows below were white and yellow, sometimes a touch of manganese blue.

Landscape – The snow was a mixture of manganese blue, cobalt blue, and gray. The light from the cabin was a touch of yellow, white, and magenta. The water was the same as the sky.

Thanks for watching! (:
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