A Weird Sketchbook Tour 2 – Mostly Anime

Sorry for the babbling at the beginning. I was filming at a friend’s house. I was supposed to upload this video on Friday, but we were moving and life is complicated. Also, I know it’s supposed to be pronounced “mah-nga”, but at some point I started forcing an American accent to avoid sounding EVEN MORE like a weaboo. I also say both “anime” and “manga” interchangeably, even though “anime” is more “animation” and “manga” is more comic related. I’M SORRY.

This is one of the oldest collections of artwork I have. This binder is from 2006-2007. A time period where YouTube was just a baby website, viral videos we emailed, MySpace was a thing, kids were using proxy sites to play Runescape at school, and AlbinoBlackSheep.com was the sh*t. Some of these drawing are a decade old.

THE SHIRT THING: A lot of people asked about this, so I figured I should explain it. I don’t wear the shirt in public because I feel like there’s something slightly suggestive about having a game controller on my chest. I know that MOST people won’t think anything of it, but there’s always that ONE person who has to make some stupid, unwanted boob joke.

The Kitty cat Dance:

The Show Must Be Go – Incompetech
Friendly Day – Incompetech
Clearday – bensound


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