8 Easy girl drawing ideas

I recently stumbled upon this video titled “8 easy pencil girl drawing ideas” from Farjana Drawing Academy. While I appreciate the simplicity and accessibility of these drawings, I must admit that they didn’t quite capture my interest as much as other pencil drawings. However, I can see how these drawings may appeal to beginner artists looking to improve their skills and techniques.

The artist does a great job of demonstrating the steps in a concise manner, making it easy for viewers to get an idea of the entire process. This video is a good resource for those just starting out in their art journey. 

On her channel you can find a video for each drawing idea. Take a look!

1. A girl with Butterfly in Moonlight
2. A girl with ponytail hairstyle
3. A girl with cap
4. Alone Girl Pencil Sketch
5. A girl taking a selfie
6. A girl wearing hat
7. A fairy is sitting on the Moon
8. A Girl Playing Guitar

8 easy girl drawing ideas ( part -1 )
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