$30 vs $500 MARKER Art | Sharpies vs Professional Markers – Which are WORTH IT..?

Sharpie markers against Professional Grade Markers… Can they come out on top?

Sharpies are widely considered the poor mans easy access art supply, I might be inclined to agree… By the end of this video I’ll be expressing my views and opinions but more importantly I’ll be looking to your comments for review.

I believe I made a mistake in my wording, the solvents within sharpies are a mix of Various Alcohols, providing the signature, strong smell. Please take care when using them.

This series was created to show and inspire you all, that no matter what your price range we can all be artists. Adaptation is the key to succeeding through art. I would love to see you all progress and I hope you’ll share your works with me on social media – ADCArtAttack on all platforms.

If you’re enjoying this serious I would love to know and of course anything you want to see in the future please leave a comment for me, perhaps we will tackle it soon.

If you would like to see me create works of art LIVE follow me on Twitch

and with all that being said,

Have a great day/night…

See you soon,

Bob and Anthony

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