The Students and Instructors

The Students and Instructors Comments from students and instructors about the Angel Academy of Art, Florence source
How to paint a vibrant Kingfisher bird in watercolour forget

How to paint a Kingfisher bird in watercolour – Anna Mason

Detailed watercolor video tutorial from Anna Mason Art channel. In this video you will learn how to achieve high realism in your watercolor painting. Anna paints a beautiful Kingfisher with vibrant colors.   I know that a lot of artists favour using a ‘limited palette’ – ensuring that they mix the majority of their colours […]
The Academic Process part 2 of 3

The Academic Process (part 2 of 3)

Michael John Angel from Angel Academy of Art, Florence, describes the history and course of training involved in becoming a traditional realist painter. source
How to paint shiny coloured feathers in watercolor

How to paint shiny coloured feathers in watercolor

In this video, I show you how to paint shiny, iridescent feathers on this Ruby-Throated hummingbird in watercolour. If you enjoy this video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and to visit where I offer loads more free resources including: – a free full step-by-step tutorial to help you learn how to paint […]