The Zorn Limited Palette & more – Ep.6 Oil Painting

Mark Carder: The Zorn Limited Palette

If you have a question for me, post it in the comments below. I’ll answer as many as I can on next Thursday’s episode. Here are links to each question answered in this video: 00:16 — a lesson and demonstration of the Zorn limited palette and the Geneva palette 13:40 — How do you get […]
EP24- 'Hydrangeas in a Mason Jar' still life – acrylic

Hydrangeas in a Mason Jar still life

First 50 Patrons will get a free copy of Acrylic Bootcamp! : Today we are painting a calming and simple still life featuring two of my favorite things: Hydrangeas and mason jars! You will need the following colors for today’s acrylic painting: Titanium white: Mars Black: Thalo Green: Cadmium Yellow: […]
Value Misconceptions & more – Ep.11 Oil Painting Q&A with

Values in Oil Painting and more – Mark Carder Q&A

If you have a question for me, post it in the comments below. I’ll answer as many as I can on next Thursday’s episode. Here are links to each question answered in this video: 00:04 — a lesson about misconceptions about value in paintings, specifically the overall “exposure” and what happens to colors that are […]
[Highlight] 8 Still Life Composition Tips! ?

8 Still Life Composition Tips!

This video is a highlight from a live-streamed art class: Jake’s Art Club #1 Still Life. Watch the full episode for more tips and paint along with Jake: Setting up a still life can be tricky. Artists are known to have spent days at a time deciding what objects paint… Here are 8 tips […]
Pen amp Ink Drawing 39Random Lines39 Techniques Cup

Pen & Ink: Random lines techniques | Cup still life

Learn random lines shading technique with pen & ink. ……………………………………………………………….. SUNDAY- Watercolor Tutorials MONDAY- Acrylic Tutorials WEDNESDAY- Pastel Tutorials FRIDAY- Pen & Pencil Tutorials ……………………………………………………………….. ♥ SUBSCRIBE US at: for more great Tutorials ♥ Like us on Facebook:- ♥ Follow us on Twitter:- ___________________________________________ ► Last Video:- ► Most Popular Video:- […]
Art Professors Set Up a Still Life that Isn39t Boring

Art Professors Set Up a Still Life that Isn’t Boring!

Creating a still life set up with objects that you are enthusiastic about is an essential part of making a still life painting. RISD Adjunct Professor Clara Lieu and Art Prof Teaching Artist Alex Rowe work together to select and arrange objects for their still life set up, discussing as they set up the still […]
Still Life Flower Painting

Loose & Impressionistic Still Life – Flower Painting

In this lesson, Alain will teach you how to paint a flower in a jar using soft pastel to create a loose, impressionistic still life. As he demonstrates, Alain will show you how to use underpaintings to bring excitement to otherwise dull colors. You’ll also learn how to suggest detail by using bold, painterly marks […]
protecting your shadow colors

Protecting your shadow colors

My complete online course on how to paint realism in oil is now available for free at source
How to Paint Sunflowers Oils for beginners SPEED PAINTING Underpainting

Paint Sunflowers Underpainting techniques – Paint with Maz

Check out my gear on Kit: This video is about using underpainting techniques to paint sunflowers and is suitable for beginners. This is a speed painting tutorial with voice over. In this short demonstration speed painting tutorial, I show you how I draw and underpaint these sunflowers with just one colour – burnt umber […]
Preview Underpainting Techniques for Successful Pastels with Stephanie Birdsall

Underpainting Techniques for Pastels – Stephanie Birdsall

[Looking for more FREE pastel tutorials? Check out this page on Artist Daily: ] In the video demonstration, Underpainting Techniques for Successful Pastels, watch as Stephanie Birdsall shows how to create four different styles of underpaintngs using pastels. Learn how to do a value sketch, monochromatic, complementary, and local color underpaintings that help […]