Artists Colony (1948)

Artists Colony (1948) – British Pathè

Artists colony, St Ives in Cornwall. L/S St Ives Bay. Top shot pan houses round Bay. Top shot pan town of St Ives. L/S pan boats on beach. L/S part of Bay. M/S Small house. M/S Doorways – sign ‘Bernard Ninnies’. Angle shot of door. C/U Door ‘Blue Studio’. L/S and C/U ‘Parkers Restaurant’. L/S […]
Robert Gibbings Artist (1945)

Robert Gibbings Artist (1945) – British Pathè

Item title reads – Robert Gibbings – artist. Waltham St. Lawrence, near Reading. Berkshire. M/S as author and artist Robert Gibbings walks up to a bench in an orchard, sits down and starts to write. Various shots as he writes and C/U’s of his face. M/S’s as he walks along the side of the Thames […]
Ink Artist 1959

Ink Artist Peter Thompson (1959) – British Pathè

London. C/U top shot of a Chinese writing on a long white paper laid on the table. C/U shot of a hand getting the paint (looks more like ink) ready. There are two little dishes with black paint and a paint brush. “In place of paint we have gouache and Chinese ink…” Cut to M/S […]