Paint impossibly fast – Snorthog timelapse

Digital painting: How to paint fast

Tutorials/Templates/Brushes – Amazon (Books) – Lulu (Books) – Ikeda (free game on Steam) – digital/ebooks – Kickstarter – Twitter- Cubebrush – Equipment I use- This Character took 2.5 hours to paint. The video is time-lapsed by about X15 for the sake of not boring you for […]
Drawing Faces is EASY!

Drawing Faces is EASY!

Tutorials/Templates/Brushes – Books – digital/ebooks – Twitter- Cubebrush – Discord – Equipment I use- There is an easy and fun way to draw faces at any angle. Why do it the hard way? Books available- Twilight Monk Secrets of Kung Fulio (2020) – Illustrated Novel World Of Twilight […]