Skills That Pay the Bills #6, Value Design and Composition

Value Design and Composition

Improve your value control and composition with these fun and powerful exercises. To get first access to upcoming live classes and content, subscribe to my free Insider’s Club at: #composition #valuecomposition #valuedesign source

What to focus on to improve drawing skills fast

To Improve drawing skills or painting skills faster needs a lot of focus and nailing down what you want to create with your drawings. Don’t you just hate it when someone tells you just draw and practice you’ll get better, allowing you to go and figure it out for yourself drawing for years and barely […]
What We Learn From JOHN SINGER SARGENT About Painting |


Beginners Drawing Course: Support me on Patreon: My Art and Creativity PODCAST: Instagram: My books on Amazon: Snapchat: LironYan3 Hi there! Liron here, and in today’s episode of Painting Masters I’ll share with you work by John Singer Sargent. ? I’M NOT AN OIL PAINTER, BUT… ? Sargent’s work REALLY […]
Improve Your Composition | Painting and Drawing

How to Improve Your Composition in Painting and Drawing

Support me on Patreon: Beginners Drawing Course: My Art and Creativity PODCAST: Instagram: My books on Amazon: Snapchat: LironYan3 Hi there, Liron here! Today I want to share with you how I approached improving my paintings’ composition in recent months. This is something I realised I was seriously lacking at, […]
What to focus on to improve figure drawing skills (guide

What to focus on to improve your figure drawing

drawing the human figure is hard. yes i know, took me a while to find my way around it. but for you, it shouldn’t…because i’m sharing the exact procedure i used To Improve my figure drawing skills with you! so just put your big boy shorts on and buckle up. in this video i’ll show […]
How to Draw Ears in Your Own Style // People

How to Draw Ears in Your Own Style – Bardot Brush

Learn how to draw ears in a fun and easy way. If you’ve ever wondered how to find your artistic style and also how to draw people, this is the video for you. We’ll learn how to observe an ear and break it down into basic elements. Then we’ll use those elements to draw 40 […]
Figuary 2020 DAY 1: Level Up Your Figure Drawing Skills

Figuary – Level Up Your Figure Drawing Skills – Kenzo

Find today’s practice session on Croquis Cafe’s vimeo channel. We will also post all the tutorials and CC sessions on this page: Join the discussion with your fellow artists at Stay up to date and get our free “Life Drawing Success” Guide at Figuary is Figure Drawing Month, and will run for […]
5 Ways to Fill Your Sketchbook to Improve Your Art

Fill your sketchbook to improve your Art – Jessica Karpishin

In this video lesson Jessica Karpishin from “Jess Karp” channel, will explain how to improve your Art skills drawing different subjects (in different ways) on your sketchbook.   After falling in love with constantly drawing in my sketchbook, I decided to share some tips to improve your art skills while you fill your sketchbook! I […]
Life drawing techniques How to draw muscles under stress

Life drawing techniques: How to draw muscles under stress

This video by Patrick J Jones came with a traditional art tutorial in issue 170 of ImagineFX. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great content: Get a FREE digital edition for iPad & iPad: On Android, and PC: Or buy the print edition: There’s some great subscription deals: Get a FREE […]
A Quick Guide to Watercolor Brushes

A Quick Guide to Watercolor Brushes

Learn the basic care of watercolor brushes while exploring which types are best for you. Meredith of The Witty Gritty Paper Co. guides you through her top ten most used brushes and how to choose the right ones for different types of work! 🙂 Shop the collection; Follow on Instagram; @TheWittyGrittyPaperCo source