Professor Lear39s Sexy Secrets Tour of Art History

Sexy Secrets Tour of Art History – Professor Lear

An interesting video about sex as art subject in painting and sculpture history presented by Professor Andrew Lear. Video from Shady Ladies channel.   Go to for more information source
PAINTING SKIN TONES The Basics my approach simplified LenaDanya

PAINTING SKIN TONES The Basics – Lena Danya

You guys asked for this so much! So here you go, I hope it’s helpful! Sorry this is late, I didn’t realize how much time this kind of video would take! Follow me: website: official art store: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter: Music credits: “the day i die” – TeknoAXE […]
The History of Nudity

The History of Nudity

Did Michelangelo even know what breasts looked like? Probably not. Discover the silly history of nudity and get a glimpse into the quirky profession of life modelling. source