How to Draw Noses Easy

How to Draw Noses Easy! – Christina Lorre’

I finally made the long awaited nose tutorial I am super happy you guys! I really hope this was able to help you all and make life a little easier for yah! Don’t forget to leave questions below for a Q & A! Love you all and God Bless! ♡ My style varies through my […]
Drawing semi realistic cartoon character Character Design Time Lapse

Drawing semi-realistic cartoon character | Rinku Art

Drawing semi-realistic cartoon character | Character Design | Rinku Art #howtodraw #characterdesign #cartoons #rinkuart Hello Friends, In this video, you will see how to draw a semi-realistic boy cartoon character and a semi-realistic girl cartoon character. These two are little difficult characters to design. Please watch the video till the end. Thanks. Links to related […]