Garage Knit Building The Fantasy of Sculpture More

Garage Knit Building – Fantasy of Sculpture (Eng Sub)

Garage Knit Building is the process that to visualize the imaginations as sculpture, however, You can’t call it Garage Knit, because your image is purely original. To be straight, it is a design in your mind,which belonging to your own personality. The material he use is called American Clay, during the process of making, it […]
Understanding Donatello39s David a 5 minute lesson

Understanding Donatello’s David: a 5 minute lesson

Learn about this Renaissance masterpiece in just 5 minutes. Why did Donatello break away from traditional approaches to depict his David nude? What were his influences? How have art historians interpreted the sculpture? source
How to Carve Iron Man Mark L Sculpture Timelapse

How to Carve Iron Man Mark L – Sculpture – Woodart

My brother Carved an Iron Man MArk L bust out of the wood. we also use a gold paper to cover the statue. we also take an order for wood carving. So just contact me for more detail: Send me a message if you wanna order wood carving. WHATSAPP: +84905558581 Instagram: @woodart_Vietnam Fanpage: Woodart Vietnam […]
Amazing Metal Sculpture Creatures from the Deep full by Ben Cox Alan Williams Metal Artist

Metal Sculpture! Ben Cox – Alan Williams Metal Artist

Alan Williams Metal Artist – Creatures from the Deep: A short film by Ben Cox about Alan Williams Metal Artist. A look behind the making and the thought process of this incredible artist. Alan makes animals and creatures from mostly found and recycled metal; transforming every day objects into detailed, sculptural artworks. Please SUBSCRIBE to […]
Alexander Cherkov demonstrates male head sculpture of clay step by step

Alexander Cherkov: Male head sculpture of clay

With this sculpting tutorial guide video you can learn how to make a portrait sculpture from ceramic clay. Starting from the sculpture basis, through modeling and designing all facial parts, Cherkov shows in a step-by-step, simple way the process of head sculpture in a natural size. You can learn the original sculpting method of using […]
IT Pennywise Resin sculpture by Lorenzo Di Vincenzo

Pennywise Resin sculpture by Lorenzo Di Vincenzo

Sculpture dedicated to clown of our nightmares! IT (Pennywise) resin sculpture by Sicilian sculptor Lorenzo Di Vincenzo. 2015 It is a 1986 horror novel by American author Stephen King. Video making by Giueseppe Enea soundtrack video :Stephen King’s IT – Pennywise’s Theme (1990) De Stephen King: Eso – Soundtrack 03 “Georgie Dies” FACEBOOK […]
Silicone Mold Making and Stone Like Resin Casting How to use Quarry Tone™ filler

Silicone Mold Making and Stone-Like Resin Casting

Make your resin casting look like granite, sandstone, limestone or more with Smooth-On Quarry Tone™ fillers. In this demonstration we make a one-piece block mold using translucent SORTA-Clear™ 12 platinum silicone, then use Smooth-Cast™ 325 and Quarry Tone™ to make a stunning reproduction. The sculpture we are molding is the antique Alva Studios interpretation of […]
Sculpting Dark souls 3 Soul of Cinder Statue

Sculpting Dark souls 3 – Soul of Cinder Statue

I STREAM MY WORK LIVE HERE: This is a statue is made out of Castilene, molded and casted into resin and painted with cretatex and Vallejo paints 🙂 If you have any questions ask away For commissions contact me here: [email protected] You can watch me work live on my twitch: source
How to Carve Luffy Gear 4 Out Of Wood Sculpture timelapse

How to Carve Luffy Gear 4 Out Of Wood

How i carve Luffy Gear 4 out of wood. it took me many weeks to finish this wooden Luffy Statue. i’m so happy that finally i made it. Send me a message if you wanna order wood carving. WHATSAPP: +84905558581 Instagram: @woodart_Vietnam Fanpage:ệ-Nhân-Âu-Lạc-Woodart-Vietnam source
Cold Cast Bronze Resin Casting Tutorial

Cold Cast Bronze Resin Casting Tutorial

In this tutorial we explain the basic cold cast bronze technique and basic finishing with Sculpt Nouveau waxes. You can find the EasFlo resin here: Bronze powder, Black Polycolor and other urethane additives are here: Sculpt Nouveau waxes and patinas are here: source
How to Make a Faux Marble Resin Casting

How to Make a Faux Marble Resin Casting

Smooth-On Fan Maddie shows how she makes a faux marble resin casting using Smooth Cast resin and pigments. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Adult Supervision Required Keep Out Of Reach Of Children -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Smooth-On Fan Channel: Made By You source
Artist Creates Realistic Celebrity Sculptures

Artist Creates Realistic Celebrity Sculptures

ID: 3274933 MANDATORY ONSCREEN CREDIT – Amelia Rowcroft Sculpture A skilled sculptor spends most of her time with some of the world’s most famous faces as she creates amazing realistic sculptures of iconic celebrities. You would be forgiven for mistaking Lewes, East Sussex, for Hollywood, USA, if you were to step into Amelia Rowcroft’s art […]
Bas relief portrait sculpture of El Greco ♫ Tchaikovsky Waltz of the Flowers

Bas-relief portrait sculpture of El Greco

Art, one way or another, has an impact on each of us. When we talk about beloved artists, composers or writers, we mean people who impressed us with their works, which had a formative effect. In my life there were a lot of such people! And there was a desire to create a series of […]
Resin Casting Tutorial Skull Cast

Resin Casting Tutorial: Skull Cast

In this tutorial we make a resin skull from the Gel-10 1 piece mold we made in a previous video. The final cast was finished with Sculpt Nouveau Brown wax to give it a natural bone look. This EZ Flo 120 resin cast took about 12 oz of polyurethane casting resin. Get this kit: […]
Sculpture Techniques How to Sculpt Dynamic Characters with Simon Lee PREVIEW

How to Sculpt Dynamic Characters with Simon Lee – PREVIEW

SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: and RING THE BELL! Sculpt Dynamic Characters with Creature Designer Simon Lee Buy FULL COURSE: COURSE DESCRIPTION: Top creature concept designer, Simon Lee, teaches his speed approach to monster design through maquette sculpting. You’ll learn to create dynamic monster, character and scene concepts in clay, from creating flexible armatures & […]
Sculpture Learning How to sculpt mouth

Sculpture Learning: How to sculpt mouth?

Sculpture guide tutorial video from Alexander Cherkov to learn human mouth sculpting out of clay step-by-step. . Find more tutorials of figurative sculpture on: source
Resin Casting Tutorial Casting resin cleaning resin

Resin Casting Tutorial: Casting resin, cleaning resin

This tutorial explains how to clean your resin casting out of a silicone mold. After the cast resin comes out of the silicone mold there’s always some clean up to get it ready for painting. I go over how to remove and clean the pour spout, air vents, and flashing (seams), with various hand tools, […]
Emperor Palpatine Sculpture Timelapse Star Wars

Emperor Palpatine Sculpture Timelapse – Star Wars

Timelapse sculpting a miniature bust of Emperor Sheev “The Senate” Palpatine. Etsy: Patreon: Facebook: Website: Instagram: Monster Clay: Rebound 25 Silicone: Colormatch 325 Resin: Songs: Inescapable – Ugonna Onyekwe The Deadly Year by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: #theemperor #starwars […]
drywall art sculpture tutorial unicorn

Drywall art sculpture tutorial UNICORN

Hi everyone… It takes me six days working more than 12 hours each to finish this sculpture. Unicorns and Pegaso from the greek mythology inspired me to make this sculpture. I created a marble texture with shiny colors like gold, silver, and pearl. If you like this video, please SUBSCRIBE and share with your friends. […]
River Stone Sculptures by Xiang Duan

River Stone Sculptures by Xiang Duan

Artist Xiang Duan takes ordinary river stones and turns them into incredible handheld sculptures. Permission granted by Xiang Duan. → FOLLOW Xiang Duan Instagram: ↪ SUBSCRIBE to My Modern Met’s Weekly Newsletter: → FOLLOW My Modern Met Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Patreon: Store: #Art #Sculpture […]
Carving an Owl from Cedar Wood Art Sculpture

Carving an Owl from Cedar Wood – Art, Sculpture

I carved another owl from a piece of reclaimed red cedar using an angle grinder, a rotary tool and a blowtorch. Get Cammie’s Garage swag: Buy my art: #carving #wood #art #sculpture source