Sculpting female head in clay. Tutorial how to sculpt in

How to sculpt female head

#howtosculpt #sculptingclay #sculptinghead Sculpting tutorial. You can see the step by step process of sculpting a beautiful female head in a water based clay called Terracotta. If you liked this video, please subscribe and turn on notifications so you will not miss any videos that I will be uploading every week. I am firing my […]
INGRID | Cyborg Girl Polymer Clay Sculpture

Cyborg Girl Polymer Clay Sculpture – INGRID

Do you like the little handwritten notes in this video? 😛 I’m so excited to share this collaboration piece with my dear friend Violet Tong. We’ve known each other for 10 years now and we actually went to the same highs school together. In 2016, Violet came to New York for graduates school and decided […]
Auguste Rodin Modeler and Sculptor Full Documentary EP2

Auguste Rodin: Modeler and Sculptor | Documentary EP2

When talk about Auguste Rodin, we can’t avoid talking about the controversies around certain pieces of his works. The great French sculptor was inspired by tradition yet innovated in his own way out of the idealized forms. During the middle of the 1890s, Rodin gradually moved from classicism to a modern style. Check out the […]