The Making of Chris – a Large Scale Silicone Portrait

Large Scale Silicone Portrait Sculpture

In 2007 I created this hyperreal silicone portrait sculpture, based on my friend, Chris. It wasn’t really an exercise in creating an exacting portrait likeness, but rather in capturing an intensity of character in the sculpture. To this day, it is still one of my favourite works. Two editions of this work were created, both […]

Sculpting a Velociraptor bust

#marcomakesdinos Buy my figures here: #marcomakesdinos #rubbersaurs Sculpting and making a RUBBER T-REX Action Figure – How to make your dream dinosaur figure. Inspired by the classic Jurassic Park Kenner Toys ENJOY!? You can help me and my channel by supporting me on Patreon, subscribing and liking the video, it means the world guys […]
Sculpting with Monster Clay! – Mask MADNESS Part 1

Sculpting with Monster Clay

Bill and his friend Nick Kettman of Modulus Props show you how to sculpt your own custom mask! Part 2 – Molding & Casting Masks : Buy Nick’s Mask: Links: Join the Extra Credit Club! Modulus Props Tweets by modulusprops Inspirational Sculptor – MissMonsterMel Fantasy Skull Art by […]
Sculpting VENOM | Comics Version (Timelapse)

Sculpting VENOM – Comics Version Carnage video by Claymakes This video shows the process of #Venom #Sculpture from #Spiderman (Satisfying video Timelapse). Social: Instagram: Twitter: Contact: [email protected] – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]
Sculpting female head in clay. Tutorial how to sculpt in

How to sculpt female head

#howtosculpt #sculptingclay #sculptinghead Sculpting tutorial. You can see the step by step process of sculpting a beautiful female head in a water based clay called Terracotta. If you liked this video, please subscribe and turn on notifications so you will not miss any videos that I will be uploading every week. I am firing my […]
Sculpting Spider-Man Miles Morales in Clay

Spider-Man Miles Morales – Sculpture in Clay

My process sculpting Miles Morales in clay from start to finish. This sculpture took me around 100+ hours to complete. Hope you’ll enjoy it. To see more of my works follow me on: Facebook • Instagram • For business inquiries e-mail me at [email protected] In this video I’m showing how to sculpt a […]
Sculpting JOTARO KUJO | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


This video shows the process of #Jotaro #Sculpture #Jojos (Satisfying video Timelapse). Social: Instagram: Twitter: Contact: [email protected] – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Frequent questions (MATERIAL): -Terracotta Plasticine Escultor […]
Polymer Clay Elephant Sculpture // Speed Sculpting

Polymer Clay Elephant Sculpture

I’m sculpting a miniature blue elephant head using polymer clay. (fimo and cernit) The tools I’m using are embossing tools, needle tool, spatula tool (AMCreations on Etsy) and silicone shapers (often found in the dry pastel section of art supply shops. I paint it with acrylic paint. ANOTHER Polymer Clay Elephant Sculpture : //FEED […]
Sculpting with Air Dry Clay: Tips and Materials

Sculpting with Air Dry Clay – Sofia Bue

Join me for the first sculpture in my new series of “potplant creatures”. For this project I will be using air drying clay as my primary medium. Materials and tools required: Aluminium armature wire Plyers Aluminium armature mesh (optional) Steel Kneed It (Or other epoxy putty) Wooden base Clay (Pebeo air dry clay) Ball bearings […]
Sculpting SAITAMA | One Punch Man – Timelapse

Sculpting SAITAMA | One Punch Man – Timelapse

This video shows the process of #Saitama #Sculpture from #OnePunchMan Wanpanman. Social: Instagram: Twitter: Frequent questions (MATERIAL): -Terracotta Plasticine Escultor -Acrylic paint -Wire -Aluminum -Love source
Sculpting Joker Bust – 조커 흉상 만들기

Sculpting Joker Bust (Joaquin Phoenix) – TJ Cha

TJ Cha shows his sculpting process: the subject is Joaquin Phoenix as Joker. Watch the entire process from modelling to coloring.   Material : Oil based clay (monster clay) —————————————————————————– Instagram ▸ Facebook ▸ #sculpting #joker #joaquinphoenix source
Sculpting Wonder Woman DC Comics Timelapse

Sculpting Wonder Woman – Dr. Garuda

From sketch to sculpture: in this video Amadeus Garuda (aka Dr. Garuda) shows his process to sculpt Wonder Woman in standing pose. He start with a sketch of the pose then he builds the armature of the sculpture with metal wire. He then begins to model the figure, clothes and accessories of the character. The […]
VR Sculpting is AMAZING My first Oculus Medium Character

Oculus VR Sculpting – Sci Fi Queen Bee – YanSculpts

YanSculpts: Sculpting in virtual reality using Oculus Medium and the Oculus Rift S. The character I create in the video is sculpted and textured a 100% in Oculus Medium in VR! Amazon Affiliate Link To My VR Headset (Oculus Rift S): My Gumroad Store (Sculpting and Texturing Course, Recordings, and More Cool Character Stuff!): […]
Sculpting Timelapse HEAD MODELING tutorial

Head modeling – Time lapse – Sculptor is Stecca

Head modeling time lapse video. Sculptor is Stecca. Learn how to modeling a head with clay watching this amazing Artist and his sculpting process.   Hi, this is my second channel. there is a little more video ??? For those who are interested in what material I sculpt source
Sculpting Primal Kyogre Water type Legendary Pokemon Clay art

Sculpting Primal Kyogre water-type Pokémon, Squash Clay

Squash Clay: In this video, I made Primal Kyogre figurine from Pokemon with super light clay. This video will inspire you to make Primal Kyogre Pokemon. The clay brand name that I am using is ‘파스텔 클레이’ in Korean. Unfortunately, this online shop does not ship overseas. So, I recommend searching for ‘super light clay’ […]
Sculpting a Portrait making a mold and a cast

Sculpting a portrait, making a mold & a cast – P. Faraut

Overview of the process involved in sculpting a portrait, making a mold and then a plaster cast. The clay used is water-based (Laguna 100). More info at sculpting classes at instructional sculpting books at source
Godzilla Sculpture Timelapse King of the Monsters

Godzilla Sculpture Timelapse – King of the Monsters

Want to try and make your own? Sculpting supplies available on my Amazon Influencer page: (US Shop) (UK Shop) LoreCraft is a 1 man operation, so feel free to donate!: OR Become a patron on my Patreon page and be part of future sculpts and helping LoreCraft develop: Stock up on […]
Art Capitano Christopher Kelly Sculpture Video Biography by

Art Capitano – Christopher Kelly Sculpture – Biography

Video Biography of the Yorkshire sculptor, Christopher Kelly, created by BAFTA nominated filmmaker Karen Watson. Here, the sculptor talks about his commissioned pieces, including sculptures of the poet Shelley, Mother Shipton, the Chartist Movement and professional footballers amongst others. Business videos and biographies – source
Live demo – anatomy female Andrew Cawrse ecorche sculpture

Live demo – female anatomy Andrew Cawrse

This time-lapse female ecorche sculpture of a beautiful model, is a live anatomy demonstration by Andrew Cawrse – master sculptor, anatomist & prior VFX model supervisor. It showcases his methods of accurately recreating the female form and revealed dissection. Filmed during our annual anatomy workshop class. — is the creator of world-class anatomical education […]
Chewbacca Sculpture Timelapse Star Wars

Chewbacca Sculpture Timelapse – Star Wars

Timelapse sculpting Chewbacca from Star Wars. Etsy: Facebook: Website: Instagram: Song: Big Hands – Youtube Audio Library source
These Kinetic Sculptures Hypnotize You

These Kinetic Sculptures Hypnotize You

Anthony Howe creates the world’s most mesmerizing kinetic sculptures. His wind-powered, curved-metal designs tower up to 25 feet high, and are on display in public spaces around the world. Take a break from reality as you stare at Howe’s artwork and prepare to be transfixed. SUBSCRIBE: Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: […]