5 Days of Calligraphy Hand Lettering Try Living With

5 Days of Calligraphy hand lettering – Try Living With Lucie

This week on Try Living With Lucie, Our host, Lucie Fink tries out 5 days of calligraphy. From experimenting with different styles, to trying innovative pens, Lucie attempts to master this creative art in just one work week. Watch this episode of Try Living With Lucie to see if you can learn calligraphy, too! #athomewithme […]
How to Airbrush the Script Alphabet Lettering Basics

How to Airbrush the Script Alphabet – Lettering Basics

Lettering is the backbone for t-shirt airbrush artists. This tutorial shows how to write the alphabet in capital script letters. Everyone’s style is different, but you should first learn to write clean and consistent script letters to build a habit of good writing skills with the airbrush. http://gregsairbrushing.com/ Airbrushing by Greg Edwards source
Close up Calligraphy writing Learning Copperplate day 19

Close up Calligraphy writing: Learning Copperplate day 19

Close up of me writing with a dip pen and ink on beautiful recycled, textured paper. I’m still a novice! Today is my 19th day of practicing writing Copperplate. I’m writing “Do not forget to take time to enjoy the little things in life”. The X height of the letters is 1 cm = 3/8 […]
How to Airbrush Script Letters quotlquot and quotequot

How to Airbrush Script Letters "l" and "e"

http://gregsairbrushing.com/ This is a basic tutorial on airbrush lettering. The letters “l” and “e” are similar in style when doing script writing, and can easily be confused. We don’t want “e’s” looking like “l’s” and vice versa, so this video shows how to make these 2 letters appear different from each other and more legible […]