How I Draw with Nitram39s Liquid CharcoalDemonstration Cesar Santos vlog

Nitram’s Liquid Charcoal demonstration – Cesar Santos

In this video Cesar Santos will demonstrates how to use Nitram’s Liquid charcoal to block in the first stage of tonal mapping. Then he starts adding more detail with charcoal stick. After that he uses a sponge to soften the drawing and to take off the charcoal powder in excess. At this point he uses […]
Painting a Muse Artistic Freedom Cesar Santos vlog 052

Cesar Santos’s Muse & Artistic Freedom

Check out about thirty of my paintings using the same model and muse, Ashley Morissette. Artistic freedom means you can alter the subject to fit your narrative. It is not uncommon for some Artists to use the same model for different artworks, here are mine! Instructional Videos: Experience how I paint the human figure. […]
Cesar Santos “Secrets of Portrait Painting” FREE LESSON VIEWING

Cesar Santos “Secrets of Portrait Painting” FREE LESSON

In today’s broadcast, we’re showcasing a portion of “Secrets of Portrait Painting” with Master Artist Cesar Santos. In the full video, which is over 19 hours of instruction, Cesar uses his systematic approach to remove the difficulties that many artists encounter when painting portraits. A gift from Streamline Publishing, publishers of Fine Art Connoisseur and […]
Sketchbook Tour with Cesar Santos How to Become a

Cesar Santos Sketchbook – How to Become a Living Master

Cesar Santos is a contemporary Cuban-American artist and portrait painter who has been studying master painters like Rembrandt and Bouguereau for 20+ years. His work reflects both classical and modern interpretations juxtaposed within one painting. His influences range from the Renaissance to the masters of the nineteenth century to Contemporary Art. In this sketchbook tour, […]
Painting Demo Final Layer Using Four Colors. Cesar Santos vlog

Final Layer Using Four Colors. Cesar Santos vlog 082

For technical instructions go to my website: I selected the forehead of my model, to demonstrate the final layer technique (also called second painting or overpainting) of a painting in my sketchbook. My palette consisted of four colors: Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Cad Red and Ivory Black. This is a wet on wet technique […]
Drawing Course. Cesar Santos vlog 026

“Drawing Course” by Charles Bargue – Cesar Santos Vlog

“Drawing Course” by Charles Bargue is the foundation for the atelier of today. In this vlog I will share the most important lessons in my opinion. Follow me: on Instagram on Twitter on Facebook Check out my art: The Books: “Drawing Course” by Charles Bargue: “The Human Figure” by John […]