Caravaggio Oilpainting Technique – "Saint Francis" Timelapse

Caravaggio Oil painting Technique – Timelapse

A lot you asked me, which brand of paint I use. I make my own paint. It´s made of pure pigment and linseed or safflower oil in organic quality. There are no fillers in like plaster, chalk, baryt or wax. Also there are no additional things in like siccatives. Only the pure pigment und oil, […]
quotThe Wolf Manquot Mastering Photo Realism Airbrushing w Cory Saint

The Wolf Man – Mastering photo realism airbrushing

For complete video visit: In this video with Cory Saint Clair you will learn how to master photo realism to its fullest. This video focuses of the use of multiple layers and color blending to create a life like “Wolf Man” portrait. With Cory’s easy to follow teaching style and years of experience, you […]