Arts is the Root Why Arts in Schools Matter

Arts is the Root (Why Arts in Schools Matter)

Arts is the Root: Why Arts in Schools Matter. Produced by Arts Ed Matters, this twelve-minute film explores the stories of artists, educators, parents, administrators, politicians and young people. The film addresses the current state of arts in schools in CA, a brief history of Prop 13, current research on the transformative power of the […]
How To Sharpen A Pencil For Drawing Narrated

How To Sharpen A Pencil For Drawing (Narrated)

Barnes Atelier Learn how to sharpen a pencil for detailed drawing work. In this tutorial we show you how to get a very sharp point on a traditional wooden pencil for use in doing intricate detail work with your drawings, using a utility knife and sandpaper pad. Sign up to our newsletter for more insights […]
Three Artists Three Perspectives A Facebook Live event

3 Artists, 3 Perspectives A Facebook Live event – 5 hours

While a small live audience watched the demo, Facebook users around the globe made comments and asked questions about the painting process. Faculty members Dan Thompson and Natalie Italiano offered expert commentary and took questions from the audience and prompted answers from the artists. All three artists showcased the Studio Incamminati approach – an innovative […]
Jeffrey Watts Speed Drawing

Jeffrey Watts Head Drawing video demonstration

On August 31st we will launch Watts Atelier Online with over 250 hours of classes! We captured one of Jeff’s demonstrations for you. The demo took about 45 minutes. In the coming weeks we will post excerpts from Head Drawing Phases I & II. For more information about the Watts Atelier: Watts Atelier Facebook […]
Mike Magrath gagegala Artist Spotlight

Mike Magrath: Sculptor spotlight – Gage Academy of Art

Mike Magrath is the focus of our #gagegala #artistspotlight this week! Mike is an #atelier teaching #artist here at Gage. Here he speaks about his donated piece for the #gagegala . For tickets or event info, visit our website! For tickets or event info, visit our website: Magrath Atelier: source
Cecil Studio Method Grinding Oil Paint Demo

Cecil Studio Method Grinding Oil Paint Demo

A paint grinding demonstration given by artist Jean-Antoine Norbert learned during a workshop at Charles Cecil Studio in Florence, Italy. For listed step-by-step and “recipes” visit the accompanying post: source
Can39t afford art school Tips for self taught Concept Artists

No art school? – Tips for self taught Concept Artists.

Tutorials/Templates/Brushes – Twitter- Discord – Equipment I use- Not everyone can afford to go to art school. The good news is that concept artists are hired based on their skill not their degree. So here are a few ideas on how you can improve on your own and teach yourself concept […]
School of Fine Art Learning The Basics

School of Fine Art: Learning The Basics

Join Academy of Art University’s globally acclaimed School of Fine Art to tap your true potential as a painter, sculptor, or printmaker. Explore your creativity. Define your vision. Share your talent with the world. Subscribe: The Academy of Art University Established in 1929, Academy of Art University is the largest accredited private art and […]
TAFA Fall Fundraiser 2017

TAFA Fall Fundraiser 2017 – Art School

Welcome to TAFA’s 2017 Fall Fundraiser. This year marks our 10 year anniversary! Please help us continue our mission to bring realist art education to Texas and beyond!. No gift is too small, or too large! And all donations are tax deductible. source
4 Artists 1 Model

4 Artists paint a portrait – 1 Model

Here is a New Years gift for everyone. It’s an annual tradition at the Watts Holiday party for the instructors to participate in a “relay” painting. Each instructor takes a turn at the portrait which is completed by the end of the evening. This year’s model was William. Those of you that don’t know William […]
Introduction to the figure Bock in. Tutorial

Introduction to the figure Bock-in. Tutorial

In this video we will share our way of starting the figure with very simple lines. How to choose what lines, what they represent and what rhythms they should follow, are some of the important points that we are very careful. You can find more info about us in our website: source
I am a Gage Artist

I am a Gage Artist

The 2013 Gage Collector’s Gala Fund-a-Need film. Video by Don Porter. source
The FAA Collective on Patreon

The FAA Collective on Patreon

We are happy to announce that we are now live on Patreon! The Florence Academy of Art Collective is a community of artists brought together from across the globe by a shared vision, a common aesthetic and the desire to communicate beauty and meaning in painting and sculpture. Follow our page on: Thank you […]
The Dream Stream Three Artists Three Perspectives

Three Artists, Three Perspectives

All three artists showcase the Studio Incamminati approach – an innovative curriculum teaching a gestural direct-style painting method that combines academic drawing, form painting with a broad color palette. However, as the demo progresses, the individual style of each artist shines through showing the broad flexibility of the school’s approach. source
Florence Academy of the Arts of Drawing Full Documentary EP1

Florence Academy of the Arts of Drawing | Full Documentary EP1

In Florence – the capital of art, the oldest art academy in the world is still flourishing. The Florence Academy of the Arts of Drawing originated from the Company of Saint Luke in the 14th century, which aimed to protect art and gather artists together. In the 16th century, the move was revived by four […]
Art School Portfolio Secrets

Art School Portfolio Secrets

RISD Adjunct Professor Clara Lieu provides essential advice and tips for preparing an art portfolio for art school admission, specifically about the important of getting experience with and experimenting with a wide range of art media. Frequently, high school art students limit themselves to drawing only with pencil, when there are so many drawing media […]
Art 372 Life Drawing

Art 372: Life Drawing

Will Dwiggins, a junior painting major, discovered his passion for art at just three years old, “I know that I have something to offer, and there’s a message in what I do.” See how Binghamton University has helped him prepare for a successful future in the arts! Video by Andrew Hatling source
How to tone a paper for realistic drawing DIY Academy of Fine Art Germany

How to tone a paper for realistic drawing | DIY

Learn to tone a paper for your realistic drawings and improve your drawing & art skills. Read the full tutorial on our website You want to learn realistic drawing & painting in Germany? —— Sign up for our full-time or part-time art study at the Academy of Fine Art Germany: Who we are? […]
Art Talk w Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund The Craft of Art and Nature

Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund – The Craft of Art and Nature

The first installment in a series of Art Talk videos to be featured on The FAA Collective on Patreon. We would like to present “The Craft of Art and Nature” an interview with alumnus and former faculty Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund. View more of the work of Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund at: […]