A simple way to make shadows in a portrait. By

How to make shadows in portrait – Ben Lustenhouwer

Portrait painting in oil paint. A basic approach to make believable shadows. Easy to understand and apply. See also a countless number of tips and tricks on portrait painting and a free E-book “Hundred Portraits”: http://www.paintingportraittips.com My Gallery : https://www.lustenhouwer.com source
Drawing Portrait Tutorial. English subtitles in Spanish. Retrato dibujo natural

Drawing Portrait Tutorial. English (Spanish sub)

This is a 38 min tutorial where we will speak about how to build a portrait and some points that we can look for. 1. BIG SHAPE General egg, neck and shoulder line (control the egg) 2. PLACEMENT Centre line Cheekbone Eye socket Nose baseline Ears Mouth, beard, mustache 3. SIMPLIFICATION Separating light shape with […]