Christmas Book List 2019

Christmas Art book list 2019

For the past few years I have put together a list for artists to accidentally on purpose leave on view for their loved ones hoping that they will get you the ultimate art gift for Christmas. This year I have gone a couple of steps further, as well as my affordable list, I have put […]
Colouring Tutorial 3 Ways to Colour Leaves in Magical

Colouring Tutorial: 3 Ways to Colour Leaves

Here’s a colouring tutorial, just in time for my new colouring book, Magical Jungle, which is on the cusp of being released, so I thought it might be helpful to share this little tutorial with you demonstrating 3 different ways to colour leaves, because let’s face it, the jungle is pretty leafy! I’ve gone for […]
quot원해 많이quot BTS SUGA amp JIMIN drawing by

BTS – SUGA & JIMIN drawing (by Elena Martynyuk)

Drawing of BTS Suga and Jimin by coloured pencils Marco, watercolor, white gel pen Signo, white gouache and glitter. Inspired by BTS new album “Wings” Hope you enjoy) Материалы: цветные карандаши Marco, белая гелевая ручка Signo, белая гуашь, акварель, блестки. source

THESE PENCILS SHOCKED ME! Testing Pastel Pencils

DRAWING & PAINTING COURSES on my Website: I am testing pastel pencils and pastelmat paper today! I give my first impressions on the Stabilo Carbothello Pastel Pencils as I practice drawing with pastel pencils for the first time! Longer Drawing Tutorials | Patreon: Materials: Stabilo Carbothello Pastel Pencils: Pastelmat Pastel Paper: […]
Drawing BTS Jungkook drawholic

Drawing BTS: Jungkook | drawholic

Drawing of Jungkook(정국), from K-pop group BTS(방탄소년단). – Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901, Prismacolor Premier ○ Facebook – ○ Instagram – #BTS_FanArt #Jungkook #DrawingJK source


I was lucky enough to find these super old 100 year old colored pencils. Today we’re going to put these through some tests and see how they compare to newer colored pencils like prismacolor. __________________________________ S O C I A L Insta: @Rae_Dizzle_ Twitter and Snap: SuperRaeDizzle Business inquires: [email protected] SEND YOUR ART OR ANYTHING […]
Speed Drawing EXO D.O. Drawing Hands

Speed Drawing EXO – D.O. [Drawing Hands]

This is D.O. EXO. You can check out the whole drawing process on YouTube from sketch to completion. I used Prismacolor Wax Based Pencils. Thank you 🙂 ▶︎ Facebook Page : ▶︎ Instagram : #Drawing Hands #Painting #Drawing #Colored Pencil Drawing #Speed Painting #How to Drawing #Learn Drawing #EXO #D.O. #EXO K #EXO […]
Hyperrealistic Colored Pencil Drawings Look 3D

Hyperrealistic Colored-Pencil Drawings Look 3D

CJ Hendry, a New York artist, spends up to 15 hours a day creating hyperrealistic drawings using only colored pencils. We take a look at how she works and learn how she’s built a captivated following. For more, visit: MORE HYPERREALISTIC CONTENT: How A Hyperrealistic Sculptor Makes Lifelike Replicas Of People 15 […]
Preview Colored Pencil Techniques Made Easy with Janie Gildow

Preview | Colored Pencil Techniques with Janie Gildow

Subscribe and watch the full video at Artist’s Network TV: Purchase the video download at North Light Shop: See more exciting videos from this artist at: This art video workshop, playing now on, focuses on basic colored pencil techniques, with instruction from the very beginning so you can jump right in […]
Mitsubishi Uni Colored Pencil Review

Mitsubishi Uni Colored Pencil Review

I finally got round to reviewing these Japanese based Mitsubishi Uni Colored Pencils. I would like to thank you for stopping by the channel and watching this video, if you have enjoyed the video we would love you to subscribe and join our wonderful community along with getting alerts as soon as videos are posted. […]
HOW TO DRAW Realistic Dark Hair Quick and Easy with

HOW TO DRAW Realistic Dark Hair with Pencils

This video is a tutorial on how to draw dark hair using charcoal. This method is quick and easy using charcoal. =================================================== Follow me on Twitter: @rixcandoit Instagram @rixcandoit Check out my blog page: My Tumblr page: Please help support this channel : =================================================== Easy and quick approach to drawing dark hair. […]
Top 7 Colored Pencil Mistakes that Beginners Make Lachri

Top 7 Colored Pencil Mistakes that Beginners Make – Lachri

Today I’m talking about the top 7 mistakes I see colored pencil artist make when trying to get certain results. Are you a beginner and having trouble getting smooth blending? I’ve got the answer for you! Is paint thinner/odorless mineral spirit not working right for you? I’m going to show you why! I have 7 […]
Pastel Drawing for Beginners pastel pencil Supplies Jason Morgan wildlife art

Pastel pencil Supplies Jason Morgan wildlife art

Pastel Drawing for beginners – In this video I show you all the pastel supplies you need and don’t need to make a great start in pastel pencil drawing. You don’t need to buy the most expensive pastels, and sometimes the best pastel pencils – are not the dearest. Carbothello is a great pencil range […]
Drawing Ocean39s 8 Drawing Hands

Drawing Ocean’s 8 [Drawing Hands]

Colored pencil drawing of Ocean’s 8. Materials: Caran d’Ache Luminance colored pencils on Strathmore 300 series bristol, acrylic painting. ▶︎ Facebook page : ▶︎ Instagram : #Ocean’s8 #SandraBullock #CateBlanchett #AnneHathaway #MindyKaling #SarahPaulson #Awkwafina #Rihanna #HelenaBonhamCarter #ColoredPencilDrawing #SpeedPainting #HowtoDrawing #LearnDrawing #드로잉핸즈 #페인팅 #드로잉 #색연필화 #드로잉강좌 #그림그리는방법 #드로잉방법 #까렌다쉬 #carendache #Carand’AcheLuminance #산드라블록 #케이트블란쳇 #앤해서웨이 #민디캘링 #사라폴슨 […]
Realistic eye drawing timelapse

Realistic eye drawing timelapse

This drawing of a realistic eye took me 10 hours to complete. Medium: Prismacolor premier colored pencils What do you guys think? To shop: Support me: If you would like to see more drawings subscribe to my channel! Support me on Facebook! Follow me on Instagram! Main Reaktor – Awakening […]
Flamingo Colored Pencil amp Powder Blender Painting Tutorial Lachri

Flamingo Colored Pencil & Powder Blender – Lachri

I’m going to show you my layering process for drawing a flamingo and water reflections in colored pencil. I will be blending my pencils with Powder Blender from Brush and Pencil. These blending techniques allow for fast application and smooth blending of the pencils giving you an almost pastel pencil look but with far less […]
Drawing of nose tutorial coloured pencil partial time lapse

Drawing of nose tutorial coloured pencil

Dog portrait nearing completion. Here is a step by step guide to drawing a dog’s nose. See Katie Bowman’s technique Feel free to message us with any questions via facebook page source
How to Fix a Smear In Your Colored Pencil Drawings Without Making It Worse

How to Fix a Smear In Your Colored Pencil Drawings

Here’s the scenario… You’re sitting at your drawing table, creativity is flowing, anticipation is high. Forty hours into the best darn portrait you’ve ever drawn, you’re just a handful of strokes from the thrill of one more masterpiece “in the books”! But then… Disaster strikes. What starts as an unassuming tickle in your nose, suddenly […]
Arteza Colored Pencils Colored Pencil Review

Arteza Colored Pencils – Review

Today we’re reviewing the Arteza Colored Pencils 72 count set! Use 10% OFF coupon code HalalelaArt4 for your ARTEZA order at Coupon code is VALID UNTIL OCTOBER 15TH (2019) Use the links below to go to the ARTEZA online store: ARTEZA US site: ARTEZA EU site: The links below will take you […]
Tutorial How to color Manga Skin and Eyes with Colored Pencils

How to color Manga Skin and Eyes with Colored Pencils

Prismacolor premier pencils were used in this. MERCI BEAUCOUP POUR 1000+ SUBSCRIBERS! It means so much to me! This video is part 1 of 2 [maybe 3] of the 1000+ sub special. Some users asked me to make this, and while I’m not the best person to ask, I tried my best! source
Comparing Colored Pencils

Comparing Colored Pencils

Learn the differences between wax-based and oil-based colored pencils, pastel pencils, watercolor pencils, and more as we look at the many different forms of “colored pencils”. Free course videos and ebooks… Video courses, ebooks, lesson plans and more… source
Tutorial Green Mermaid Hair in Coloured Pencil

Green Mermaid Hair in Coloured Pencil

Buy Derwent Lightfast pencils: Download Mariola Budek illustration: ************************************************************** Should you wish to support the channel, please check out my Amazon Wishlist: (thank you!) ************************************************************** Visit me on my blog: ************************************************************** Social Media Links: • • • • ************************************************************** Note: I sometimes use affiliate links in my […]
The colored pencil manual quick review what39s inside the art book

“The colored pencil manual”: quick book review

I made this video to share the information and demonstrations I have inside this art instruction book. I’m very excited to share that my 176-page art instruction book has been released by Dover Publications!  This art book has an insane amount of information – everything I’ve tried to learn as a realist artist for so […]
DRAWING with Coloured Pencils ON WOOD Speedpaint

DRAWING with Coloured Pencils ON WOOD?!!

hi all! today i decided to challenge myself and draw on wood using coloured pencils! i decided to draw a dragon! hope you all enjoy! ART Materials: Wood from Spotlight Prismacolor Premier Pencils White Gel Pen Artwork by me. Please Subscribe if you enjoy my art! 🙂 Prints & More at my SHOP: TWITTER: […]