Try this technique to paint with Acrylic | Ear Painting

Ear Painting Tutorial by Debojyoti Boruah

Subscribe: In this tutorial, I am painting an ear in a realistic style in easy to follow technique for beginners. You can practice the same with the reference given here. I am not using any retarder or medium for this painting. Water mist is the main medium for this painting. ?Visit my Recent Videos […]
Oil Painting Tutorial – How to Paint Realistic Ocean Waves

How to Paint Realistic Ocean Waves

This painting tutorial shows how to paint realistic ocean waves in oils. Please note: any paintings created using my tutorials are not viable to sell. This is a copyright issue. This original seascape painting “Dances With Waves”, oils on 36×36 inches @Fredrix Canvas is in a private collection now. For inspiration and reference I used […]
How To Paint Detailed Rocks and Rushing Water on River

How To Paint Rocks and Water in Acrylics

Learn how to paint realistic detailed rocks and rushing water on river in a step by step easy and basic acrylic painting tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn on how to paint tiny details on rocks just to make it look natural and realistic, you can also learn on how to paint details on […]
Painting a Pink Forest

Painting a Pink Forest

JayLee – How to paint with acrylic / Painting Techniques ————————————————— ❖ Channel Membership : Please become a member of my channel. You can buy me a cup of coffee, and push me to create more videos. ————————————————— Jay Lee is a painting YouTuber. He paints a beautiful world on the canvas and shares videos […]
How to Paint Better Backgrounds – Digital Art Tips

How to Paint Better Backgrounds

A quick rundown of how I think of and approach background painting in my work! ✨ Monthly tutorials on my Patreon: ⭐️ my instagram: ? Gumroad shop: ? my Prints: source
How to paint an easy surreal landscape in acrylics –

How to paint a surreal landscape in acrylics – Lachri

Today I’m walking you through how to paint a very simple surreal landscape. This would be a great painting for beginners, or someone more advanced who wants a quick project to paint. I’ve used liquitex basics with a bit of liquitex heavy bodied transparent mixing white on the balloons. I also used some white createx […]
How to Airbrush The Leopard

How to Airbrush The Leopard Learn how to airbrush a realistic looking leopard in this 2 part short video tutorial. It is the finale of the part 2 “Getting Real – with airbrush textures” series! Questions? Join us at or!/AirbrushTutor or Music From: Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) source
Painting a Realistic Landscape – Paint with Ryan

Painting a Realistic Landscape

In today’s acrylic painting lesson we paint a landscape depicting a reflective river running beside a forest full of leaves and foliage. This relaxing painting tutorial is completed for the most part in real time and will cover the step by step process of how to paint trees, reflections, leaves and of course how to […]
OIL PAINTING TUTORIAL: How to PAINT a realistic ear!

How to PAINT a realistic ear in oils

Have you ever woke up in a cold sweat, in the middle of the night, and thought, “how do I a paint an ear!?” Well, you can now rest easy because this video will show you how…. Check out my Patreon at: And my feature length tutorials at: Thanks so much for your […]
Can you paint without UNDO? | Digital Art Challenge

Can you paint without UNDO?

Another digital art challenge for you guys, these are always fun to do ? my Patreon: my instagram: my Prints: source

Marc Brunet: How to draw a simple anatomy

? 9K SALE! Celebrating 9000+ students and counting(thank you!?), join us! Get a massive 20% OFF ($104) the -ART School for Digital Artists- program when you use promo code ARTSCHOOL ? – until March 31st 2022 ONLY!! ? Get my brushes for FREE here: ? My Store: ? Practice files download: […]
How to paint a BIG LANDSCAPE PAINTING – EPIC Kimberley

How to paint a big landscape painting

In this short video Andrew Tischler shows his techniques for conquering a big landscape painting. This was his biggest landscape commission to date, depicting the Kimberley region of Western Australia. This particular view is taken from the top of King George Falls. Check out the full version here: EPIC LANDSCAPES TUTORIAL Thank you to […]
EP6- 'Jellies' – how to paint jellyfish – easy acrylic

How to paint jellyfish

We are painting the mysterious creatures of the deep today on Paint Along With Skye! MATERIALS: JOIN THE ART CLUB: JOIN MY PATREON COMMUNITY: CHECK OUT THE ART SHOP: I specialize in acrylic painting tutorials for beginners and other art classes for beginners. The motto with my designs is, “do-able but […]
Full Digital Drawing Process // Procreate Tutorial

Digital Drawing Process with Procreate

Get your Paperlike Screen Protector here: (affiliate link) What I used in this video: ? iPad Pro 11” (3rd Gen): ? Apple Pencil (2nd Gen): ? iPad case: ? Procreate:… ? PaperLike Matte Screen Protector *affiliate*: ? Bluesssatan brush set: S H O P S / S U […]
Loose Watercolor Blue Sky Ocean Waves Landscape | Paint With

Loose Watercolor Landscape

» Join my FREE monthly watercolor challenge: » See an amazing collection of challenge paintings in the July artist gallery: » Find out more about the Paint With Me membership community: REFERENCE PHOTO Image by Somchai Sumnow from Pixabay SUPPLIES USED IN THIS VIDEO » Arches 9×12 Cold Press 140lb (Pad): […]
How to Paint Storm Clouds with a New Underpainting Technique

How to Paint Storm Clouds Landscape with pastels

Join me in this lesson on How to Paint Storm Clouds with a New Underpainting Technique using a product called “Acryl Gouache” combined with a lovely pastel set by Mount Vision appropriately called, “Thunderstorm Gray”. I was quite pleased with this technique, so click that “play” button and let’s get started. ▽ My AMAZON Shop […]
How to draw a Protea flower with soft pastels ?

Protea flower with soft pastels

?How to draw a Protea flower with soft pastels ? How to draw Flowers | Speed Painting ? Materials: * Soft pastels Sennelier, Koh-i-noor * Pastel Pencils * Sandpaper * Paper Blending Stump This video will show you how to draw, quickly and easily, step by step a Protea flower in a few minutes. In […]
Easy Watercolor Misty Ocean ★ Watercolor Tutorial For Beginners

Watercolor Misty Ocean – Tutorial For Beginners

Hey Guys, thank you for being here! ♡ The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: and learn even more about watercolors and painting ★Support me on Patreon: ◢Misty Ocean Custom Order Original: ◢ETSY SHOP: Also The first 1000 people who click […]
How to Ink Superhero Comics Like a Pro in Clip

How to Ink in Clip Studio Paint

Inking comics is weird. You have a nice pencil drawing and now you’ve gotta throw all those nice lines away and put NEW lines down. What’s up with that? In this video, we’re going to demystify inking, show you the tools most comic artists use to ink their superhero comics, and do some Clip Studio […]
How to Paint WAVES (Painting Tips for Oils & Acrylics)

How to Paint WAVES with Acrylics

Do you want to paint waves that look convincing? Painting waves is tricky because they are moving very quickly. But if you focus on the form or the wave and the shapes within the form you are halfway there. This video gives you the key to painting waves by using basic observation. What an artist […]
Watercolor Portrait of Winslow Homer in Monochrome

Portrait of Winslow Homer in Monochrome

In this video, I paint a monochrome portrait of one of my favorite watercolor artists, Winslow Homer. I also narrate the process and let you know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Pentallic 7 x10 Watercolor Sketchbook: Follow me on Instagram: brianashmore_studio source
How to mix green acrylic paint

How to mix green acrylic paint How to mix the perfect green for landscape painting in acrylic paints. Basic colour theory for colour mixing whilst painting with acrylics. This video gives a simple demonstration of how you can make different shades of green by mixing different colors. Acrylic Paints used: Ultramarine Blue Cadmium Yellow (light) Burnt umber Phthalo blue Carbon […]
How to Mix Vivid Colors

How to Mix Vivid Colors

In this video I explain how to mix vivid colors with oil paint. For more free videos on painting in oil visit If you are interested in the paint that I use visit source
Value Misconceptions & more – Ep.11 Oil Painting Q&A with

Values in Oil Painting and more – Mark Carder Q&A

If you have a question for me, post it in the comments below. I’ll answer as many as I can on next Thursday’s episode. Here are links to each question answered in this video: 00:04 — a lesson about misconceptions about value in paintings, specifically the overall “exposure” and what happens to colors that are […]