Color and composition study in oil

Portrait study in oil – Color & Composition Study of Jamie

Here is a recap of my Color & Composition Study of Jamie. It is oil on panel and it is painted in one session for a duration of 5 hours. To access this demo with audio and other tutorials, visit… source  
Deadpool Drawing How to draw 3D Art

Deadpool Drawing – How to draw 3D Art

3D portrait of Deadpool  Exclusive access to all my tutorials for those who support me on Patreon SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL, DO NOT MISS THE NEXT VIDEOS! https: // … and enter the clique of the notified: click on the bell ? FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL! ? INSTAGRAM (@marcellobarenghi) ► ? FACEBOOK (@marcellobarenghi) […]
Sketching an Idea in my new Sketchbook

Sketching an Idea in my new Sketchbook

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Drawing on Black Paper White color pencil sketching technique

Drawing with White color pencil on Black Paper

Design sketching using a black piece of paper and a white colored prismacolor pencil. This technique has been used since the early days of Industrial design.   Music: end credits Rurlyok Contact me through for design work, you can follow me on: Twitter: at (@botzendesign) Facebook: Instagram: @botzendesign Botzen Design […]
How to DRAW 10 TEXTURES in Under 10 MINUTES

How to DRAW 10 TEXTURES in Under 10 MINUTES!

How to draw 10 realistic looking textures in under 10 minutes!. This tutorials goes through the process showing how to draw various textures using pencil. SUPPORT THE CHANNEL Patreon: FIND ALL OF MY EQUIPMENT & RESOURCES HERE – Purchase Artwork: Instagram – Facebook –… Twitter (I need to use this […]
SUPER SECRET tip for INSTANTLY improving your drawings people sketching episode 6

INSTANTLY improving your drawings – people sketching

Below are Amazon affiliate links for some of the supplies I use in these videos. Feel free to use the links if you’re interested in supporting me with your purchase: The type of sketchbook I use is the Earthbound Cachet sketchbook, available here: The white pen I use is a White Gelly Roller Gel […]
Sketching textures Part 1

Sketching textures Part 1

This is the first video from the series of sketching textures for architecture. Brick, wood and concrete textures are explained. source
5 tips for better drawings

5 Tips for better drawings – Will Terrel

Check out 5 MORE tips on better drawings here…… These are some of the tips that have helped me to improve my drawings. Always remember, there is not ONE way to draw. These tips are just suggestions to help you refine your work. But there are many ways to get to the same results. […]
Art Basics with Dick Termes Drawing Cube Basic

Art Basics with Dick Termes: Drawing – Cube Basic

Cube Basic: Artist Dick Termes introduces cubes and how to draw them in space with an artistic angle so that you can see dimensions. An animated video shows many examples of cubes in the real world. Time code: Cube Basic [0:00 – 9:34 – In studio (Overview of the cube and system)]; [9:34 – 12:18 […]
A simple exercise in tonal range

A simple exercise in tonal range

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Drawing Fundamentals TEXTURE

Drawing Fundamentals: TEXTURE

Check out the Fundamentals of Drawing series: Get the Tutorial Archive (and more!): Get the reference files from this video: ——————————– MORE OF ME! – Follow/Sub ↴ ——————————– ▶ DAILY VLOG: ▶ Instagram+IGTV: ▶ Twitch: ▶ Twitter: @JosiahBrooks ( ▶ Facebook: ——————————– source
Paint by numbers

Paint by numbers

From one door to the next, the art of hand lettering is still practiced at MIT. source
How to Sketch the Landscape Course

How to Sketch the Landscape Course On the course you’ll learn how to quickly capture the atmosphere and mood of a landscape like an artist, and take the next step from sketching at home to sketching outdoors. This course includes an introduction to the materials you’ll need and establish 7 practical principles for creating successful landscape sketches, combining drawing theory, […]
Kim Jung Gi Drawing show in France

김정기 Kim Jung Gi Drawing show in France

Musiccomposition, Lyrics: Loïc Gendry, Charles Baudelaire, Raymond Queneau. guitar : Loïc Gendry Doublebass : Frédéric Pérol Slide guitar, keyboards : Franck Morin source
Karl Kopinski Interview

Karl Kopinski Interview

UK artist Karl Kopinski has worked with such clients as Peter Jackson, Hasbro, Ubisoft, Aboud Creative, Wizards of the coast and Games Workshop just to name a few! He also talks about finding the balance when working freelance. source
Tips for Drawing Perspective

Tips for Drawing Perspective

There are 5 simple, yet very effective tricks you can apply while drawing a view in perspective. We use them all the time and we hope they’ll come in hand for you too! You can get the tips from the video on Cardscapes here ➜ Perspective videos: ➜ ➜ ➜ Follow us […]
Study of light amp shadow Figures

Study of light & shadow – Figures

Just a quick study of lights and shadows of some great artists; Andrew Atroshenko John Collier Sorolla Carlos Alberto Imery source
midtone sketchbook 4

Midtone sketchbook 4

Video flip-thru of my newest Midtone sketchbook. From January to May 2014. Download this sketchbook HERE… (Pay what you want!) Thanks for watching! Check out my previous Midtone Sketchbook videos Midtone Sketchbook 1 – Midtone Sketchbook 2 – Midtone Sketchbook 3 – ~~FAQ’s~~ The type of sketchbook I use is the […]