Alla Prima Landscape Painting – PLEIN AIR – in oils

Alla Prima Landscape Painting en PLEIN AIR

Taos Series: Discover what it’s like to paint the magical fall colors of Taos, New Mexico. You’ll see why artists like Nicolai Fechin and Georgia O’Keefe have been inspired by this enchanting place for years. Paint the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, adobe homes and the powerful Rio Grande Gorge along with Kelli. Learn how […]
How to Paint WAVES (Painting Tips for Oils & Acrylics)

How to Paint WAVES with Acrylics

Do you want to paint waves that look convincing? Painting waves is tricky because they are moving very quickly. But if you focus on the form or the wave and the shapes within the form you are halfway there. This video gives you the key to painting waves by using basic observation. What an artist […]
How to make Gesso at home for Oils, Egg Tempera

How to make Gesso at home for Painting

In this video I make classic gesso using rabbit skin glue, and I try to explain the process as much as I can. it is a very chaotic subject, and many painters are confused by so many recipes. That is why in this video I try to make the gesso in a simple but traditional […]
Give this Demo a try!!! Paint a Seascape in oils

Painting a Seascape in oils

Paint loosely in oils with step by step seascape demo! Please don’t forget to LIKE and Subscribe! You can make a donation: HTTPS:// You can also follow me on : Facebook: Instagram: You can find Prints of my paintings here: source
SUPER EASY Painting Tutorial – Ocean painting with oils for

Easy Ocean Painting Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use oil paints? This is an easy simple beginner oil painting tutorial. It is the most thorough and simple painting tutorial I have ever done. This is a tutorial for painting very beginners. This is a “painting for dummies” tutorial. But like I say in the video, […]
Finishing a Painting in Layers. Flesh Color Harmony. Portrait of

Layers Technique. Flesh Color Harmony in Portrait. Cesar Santos

#tutorial #secondpainting #cesarsantos Finally we get to paint the portrait in its full complexity. We have been setting up for this moment starting with the drawing stage, the underpainting stage, the first painting stage and now the second painting stage which completes the work. In the full video on my website I show every […]
How to paint a landscape in oils using the underpainting

Landscape in oils – Underpainting Technique

Hi, guys in this timelapse demonstration I show you how to paint a landscape in oils using the underpainting technique. The full real-time three-part tutorial is available to buy outright on my website, OR via subscription to my Patreon Channel. Links below. ONLINE SCHOOL Patreon Page THE HEALING ART BOOK UK AMAZON […]
How to paint a glittery and shiny Mermaid with Oils

How to paint a Mermaid with Oils and Acrylics

Hey, lovelies! In this video, I show you how I painted a sparkling and glittery mermaid (with Cara Delevigne’s face! ? )! My collector also chose the title for this painting: “So wonderous wild” – isn’t that a beautiful title? … and here’s how I painted the portrait of this painting: As a reference […]
Old Man Portrait Painting in Oils

Old Man Portrait Painting – Underpainting technique

A lot you asked me, which brand of paint I use. I make my own paint. It´s made of pure pigment and linseed or safflower oil in organic quality. There are no fillers in like plaster, chalk, baryt or wax. Also there are no additional things in like siccatives. Only the pure pigment und oil, […]
Ep. 4: How to Paint Ears in Gouache and Oils

How to Paint Ears in Gouache and Oils

►Instagram: ►Facebook: MUSIC: The Sky of Our Ancestors, and Dewdrop Fantasy by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License… source
How to Paint an Ocean Wave in Oils – Complete

How to Paint an Ocean Wave in Oils

This painting tutorial shows how to paint an ocean wave in oils on a round canvas. The original seascape painting “Dancing in the Moonlight” measures 20 inches in diameter and is available for sale on I used a reference photo of a breaking wave I took on a full moon night on Cape Hatteras […]

How to paint a Portrait with Oils?

Hey, lovelies! I painted a new oil study for you and made it easy and beginner-friendly! ^^ I hope you enjoy it! 😀 You can buy my oil painting “Férocité” here: ‣ w a t c h t h e r e a l – t i m e p a i n t […]
Painting Process of a Self Portrait in the Mirror First

Self portrait in the mirror, first Painting stage – Cesar Santos

Follow Cesar Santos in his process to paint a self portrait in oil.    After developing the drawing stage and the underpainting stage, it is time to go bold into colors and brushstrokes to describe the form and character of the subject. Understanding that, this first painting stage will be left to dry and painted […]
How To Paint A Seascape Demonstration in oils by artist

Plein Air: how to paint a seascape in oils by Roos Schuring

Video from PaintingVideos channel Painting a Seascape by Roos Schuring – Demo 2012. — Roos Schuring is a plein air painter from Holland, and in this video Noel Garner of Cambridge Art Academy caught up with Roos as she was painting a seascape in oils on a beach in South Holland. Copyright © Noel Garner […]
How to Paint Pet Portraits in oils 3 Part

How to Paint Pet Portraits in oils – 3 Part

▶ Check out my gear on Kit: here you can find a list of all the products I used in this tutorial. I am excited to announce the release of this three-part voice-over tutorial on how I paint pet portraits in oils. The series will start on Thursday 24th January and conclude Saturday 26th […]
COLOUR MIXING SOLUTIONS in oils Create 3D Effects

Colour mixing – Create 3D Effects + What’s on my Palette!

Get a 2 month FREE TRIAL with SKILLSHARE: Check out my latest FULL LENGTH TUTORIALS: Subscribe through my website! You’ll get these videos 24 hours ahead of time! I share MUCH MORE with my subs! Also, you’ll get deals when I release my TUTORIALS! (It’s totally FREE) Check out my Podcast with […]
How to Paint a Chrome Sphere With Oil Paints

How to Paint a Chrome Sphere With Oil Paints

Winsor & Newton Masterclass Videos: Subscribe on Patreon: My drawing book: Visit me on FB: My website: O Art Int: Do you want to help me translating it into your language? (Note: First check if it hasn´t been translated already by pressing the “CC” button on the lower part […]
Lion King OIL PAINTING Wildlife Tutorial Underpainting Technique Paint with

Lion OIL PAINTING Underpainting Technique – MazArt

A brand new online TWO PART Oil Painting tutorial of a beautiful lion Wildlife painting. Suitable for beginners Using an underpainting technique and glazing the color layers During this TWO PART video oil painting workshop you will ALSO receive a FREE PACKET/DOWNLOAD (PDF) instructions which include step by step photos making this a manageable project. […]

Oil painting demonstration #3 || How To Paint Hands

In this painting demo I show how I paint hands with oils. REAL-TIME PAINTING VIDEOS, TUTORIALS and other helpful materials ▶ Reference photos: Timestamps: 0:34 – Painting study 1 3:24 – Finished study 1 3:33 – Painting study 2 8:05 – Finished study 2 ▷ For prints and original paintings please visit […]
How to Clean Your Paint Brushes Acrylics Watercolor and Oils

How to clean your brushes: acrylics, watercolor and Oils

In this art video, you will learn best method of cleaning different types of paint brushes that are used for painting mediums such as acrylics, watercolor and oils. You can also see how I clean my paintbrushes after painting to keep them in good condition! Clean your brushes every time after each painting session to […]
Life drawing techniques How to draw muscles under stress

Life drawing techniques: How to draw muscles under stress

This video by Patrick J Jones came with a traditional art tutorial in issue 170 of ImagineFX. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great content: Get a FREE digital edition for iPad & iPad: On Android, and PC: Or buy the print edition: There’s some great subscription deals: Get a FREE […]
Painting With You Desert Ep.3 Dry River

Painting With You – Desert | Dry River Ep.3

Desert Landscape – Each week we will start out with a drawing and add to our artwork little by little until we have completed it! The trick to creating nice art is to start with a sketch! This painting can also be done in acrylic. To vote for how you would like to see this […]

Painting a panoramic seascape in oil by ALAN KINGWELL

Here is a link to my VIMEO OIL PAINTING TUTORIAL DOWNLOAD site A panoramic seascape by Alan Kingwell , oil on canvas. Demonstration of a seascape in oils OIL PAINTING TUTORIAL DVDS AVAILABLE source