Flemish painting technique – Full video workshop

Underpainting technique – Full tutorial

Full tutorial for free ! VIDEO WORKSHOP OF THE LAYERED PAINTING TECHNIQUE OF THE OLD MASTERS. The video captures the complete painting process with a layered painting technique. This video tutorial will teach you how to paint a simple realistic still life from start to finish, from the preparation of a non-absorbent surface to the […]
Caravaggio Oilpainting Technique – "Saint Francis" Timelapse

Caravaggio Oil painting Technique – Timelapse

A lot you asked me, which brand of paint I use. I make my own paint. It´s made of pure pigment and linseed or safflower oil in organic quality. There are no fillers in like plaster, chalk, baryt or wax. Also there are no additional things in like siccatives. Only the pure pigment und oil, […]
Old Masters underpainting technique (Jan Van Eyck)

Old Masters underpainting technique

http://www.matejakart.com/en/ REUPLOAD new audio – The Flemish technique of the Old Masters. This short tutorial teaches you how to apply color for underpainting the same way as the Old Masters did. VIDEO WORKSHOP OF THE LAYERED PAINTING TECHNIQUE OF THE OLD MASTERS. The video captures the complete painting process with a layered painting technique. This […]

Alla Prima Speed painting – White Rose

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Paul Kratter “Mastering Trees” **FREE OIL LESSON VIEWING**

Paul Kratter “Mastering Trees” **FREE OIL LESSON VIEWING**

The ability to paint trees is rather essential to most landscape painters and this video focuses on that exact topic. Artist Paul Kratter has painted nearly every kind of tree on earth. A gift from Streamline Publishing, publishers of Fine Art Connoisseur and Plein Air Magazines, and newsletters Fine Art Today, Plein Air Today, Realism […]
Ken Salaz “Majestic Landscapes" **FREE LESSON VIEWING**

Majestic Landscapes – Free lesson trailer – Ken Salaz

It’s not the full video version but it’s still quite interesting!   Today you’ll be watching a segment from Ken’s video “Majestic Landscapes.” In the full video, one of the most valuable things you’re going to learn from Ken is his self-invented, proven system for creating landscape paintings. A gift from Streamline Publishing, publishers of […]
Joseph McGurl “Painting Light and Atmosphere” FREE OIL LESSON VIEWING

Painting Light and Atmosphere – Joseph McGurl

One look at Joseph McGurl’s work and you’ll see that he has something you want. In today’s broadcast, you’ll discover just a portion of Joe’s techniques for brilliantly showcasing light and atmosphere — a dream for every landscape painter. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist, this video is for you! A gift from […]
Oilpainting Caravaggio Technique Timelapse Old Man

Caravaggio painting technique – Old Master Paintings

Indirect painting has been applied by many Old Masters in the past centuries. Learn the layers sequence watching this time lapse video from the “Old Master Painting” channel.   A little painting exercise. It´s part of Caravaggios painting “Supper at Emmaus” from 1601. The original is located in the National Gallery in London. Here you […]
Learn Figure Drawing Painting from live model Lerne

Academy of Fine Art Germany – Learn Figure Drawing

Location of Academy of Fine Art Germany: Frankfurt am Main is a dynamic and international metropolis. With the German stock market and the European Central bank it is an important city in Europe. Because of the impressive skyline it is also called Mainhattan. As an international transport hub, Frankfurt offers quick and easy accessibility. Here […]
Painting a Dog Portrait Beagle Oil Painting Time Lapse

Painting a Dog Portrait | Beagle Oil-Painting | Time-Lapse

The process for this painting is a doozy. I used oil paint as my main medium with trace amounts of spike oil. First: I sketched out Gracie the Beagle onto my gesso board using a charcoal pencil. 2nd: I went outside (ventilation) to spray a layer of fixative over the sketch to allow me to […]