My Fashion Sketchbook: London College of Fashion

My Fashion Sketchbook

Hey Everyone, Todays video is going through my London College of Fashion Sketchbooks done whilst I was studying there. Hope you enjoy! If you enjoyed this video, hit the SUBSCRIBE button and follow me on socials to keep up to date with all new content. Website – Twitter – Instagram – source
Painting Reproductions (1963)

Painting Reproductions (1963) – British Pathè

Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire and London. The Duke of Bedford has breakfast in his (stately) home. He looks around at all the lovely things in his home including lots of Canaletto paintings worth thousands of pounds. Duke walks towards a painting to get a better look – it is a fake! Footage follows of several women […]
High Speed Artist (1966)

High Speed Artist (1966)

London. A lovely dark haired girl sits for an artist – its her father, Lionel Burleigh, who is so prolific he’s been called a high speed artist. C/U of him working with brush and paint. He paints his wife and he paints a scene on a wall (footage is speeded up to make him look […]
Come To Uni With Me FASHION STUDENT Drawing Class Some

Fashion student at Uni, Drawing Class vlog – C NICOLE

Nicole is a fashion student at Uni. In this video she shows a bit of her drawing class and also shares some life-advice.   Hi Guys! Today you will come to my fashion school in London with me! I am going to show you a bit of my drawing/color theory class and also share a […]
Rain in London City landscape Brush Oil Painting Palette Knife

Oil cityscape, brush & palette knife – Vladimir Volegov

“Rain in London”, brush and palette knife oil painting. Color mixing; video of pallette and materials I’m using in painting. Brush set: Prints on canvas: Workshop – Instagram – Facebook – My web: – Order print on canvas: DVD instructional video: Book:   #rain #london #brush […]
Ink Artist 1959

Ink Artist Peter Thompson (1959) – British Pathè

London. C/U top shot of a Chinese writing on a long white paper laid on the table. C/U shot of a hand getting the paint (looks more like ink) ready. There are two little dishes with black paint and a paint brush. “In place of paint we have gouache and Chinese ink…” Cut to M/S […]
Eight female artists from art history National Gallery

Eight female artists from art history | National Gallery

Fiona Alderton takes a tour of some of the paintings painted by women in the National Gallery collection, including: ?Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun, who painted portraits of Marie Antoinette and fled the French Revolution ?Rosa Bonheur, who obtained the French authorities’ permission to wear men’s clothes so she could paint without harassment, ?Rachel Ruysch, […]
3 Reasons Why Self Doubt Kills Creativity The Empowered

Self Doubt Kills Creativity – The Empowered Artist

3 Reasons Why Self Doubt Kills Creativity – The Empowered Artist Creativity Coaching Motivation video series with Leona Matuszak from Artists Resource Artist, Art Educator and Coach for Creatives from London, U.K. Discover how I can help you – Do you want to learn how to Draw, how to Paint and how to Mosaic? […]
The house that landscape painter J. M. W. Turner designed

The house that landscape painter J. M. W. Turner designed

He’s one of the UK’s best known artists, world renowned for his landscape paintings. But less well known is that Turner had a keen interest in architecture. So much so that he designed his own home in Twickenham, Sandycombe Lodge. After decades of neglect the house was bought by a trust, who set about restoring […]