Quick Tip 185 – What About Liquin?

What About Liquin?

Artist/Art Teacher Dianne Mize receives several questions about the use of different mediums while painting. In Quick Tip 185 she gives insight into the use of Liquin by Winsor & Newton. http://www.diannemize.com source
3 Oil Painting Mediums and How to Use Them

3 Oil Painting Mediums: How to Use Them

Have you ever wanted to start oil painting? There are a TON of supplies to choose from. This video will show you three of my favorite mediums to use with my oil paints. Think of the mediums as water for watercolor, except with oil paints the mediums can speed up or slow down dry time, […]
Oil painting palette

Oil painting – A simple guide for beginners

Introduction  Oil was used as a binder for pigments from the sixteenth century and it became the most popular medium during the next four centuries. Even today it’s one of the most used techniques in visual Arts. Painting in oil could be intimidating but don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. Read this guide and […]