How I Draw with Nitram39s Liquid CharcoalDemonstration Cesar Santos vlog

Nitram’s Liquid Charcoal demonstration – Cesar Santos

In this video Cesar Santos will demonstrates how to use Nitram’s Liquid charcoal to block in the first stage of tonal mapping. Then he starts adding more detail with charcoal stick. After that he uses a sponge to soften the drawing and to take off the charcoal powder in excess. At this point he uses […]
Painting realistic still life with glass liquid and fruit

Still life: Glass and persimmons – Aleksey Vaynshteyn

Aleksey Vaynshteyn: In this video I demonstrate how to paint a still life in oils. The still life has a snifter glass of Amaretto and persimmons. I go through the entire process from initial oil sketch to final painting. I use the wet on wet technique, which give the painting a really fresh and expressive […]