How to Draw Comic Book Characters Studying Proportions

How to Draw Comic Book Characters – Proportions

In this video I talk about basic proportions of the comic book characters we draw. This is using the 8 heads tall model and we cover 3 basic character types. I am currently creating my next online course on Drawing Dynamic Comic Book Superheroes. I will be covering lessons like these in more detail. If […]
Drawing and Shading Forearms Arm Anatomy Demo

Drawing and Shading Forearms – Arm Anatomy Demo

Here’s an example of an arm drawing to help you guys do the Forearms assignment. FIVE more examples at: With nearly 20 muscles in the forearm, it can be tricky to draw especially when the arm is moving. Breaking them down into the 3 main groups helps make the forearm manageable to draw. In […]
A Conversation with Glenn Vilppu

Proko: A Conversation with Glenn Vilppu

Full Access to Figure Drawing Videos – Don’t miss new tutorials, signup for my mailing list – Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn Vilppu, a legendary instructor and artist. His teaching had a significant impact on my life and career. Mr. Vilppu and I had a conversation and I got to […]
Figure Fundamentals Vol. 1 Construction for Proportion and Gesture

Figure Fundamentals Vol. 1: Proportion and Gesture

Figure Fundamentals Vol. 1: Construction for Proportion and Gesture Drawing the human figure is a pivotal skill for artists in a range of fields. Story boarding, concept art, illustration, and animation portfolios rise and fall on anatomical dynamics. Artists of all levels of ability draw the figure to engage the part of our brain that […]
How to draw with wooden mannequin models

How to draw with wooden mannequin models

Wooden mannequins are great for drawing quick poses, but they can’t hold all the poses you may want. The secret is to use them for lots of practice drawing so that you build a model of the mannequin inside your head. Then, with practice, you will be able to draw a pose from any angle. […]
Draw Using Reilly Rhythms

Draw Using Reilly Rhythms

Tim Gula is one of the closest disciples of Frank Reilly alive today. I met up with Tim to watch him do some quicksketch using the Reilly Method. Enjoy. Subscribe to Proko: 12 DAYS OF PROKO (Quicksketch Edition) Related Links: Day 1 – Kim Jung Gi: Day 2 – Getting Better Faster: […]
How to Draw a MALE STANDING POSE Version 1

How to Draw a Male standing pose Version 1

With this video, I welcome all of you wonderful viewers to the wonderful world of ACTION POSE TUTORIALS! These action poses aren’t specific to any one character. I intend for these drawings to be a starting off point for you to draw your favourite characters with. If you want to know more about this new […]
Figure Drawing Lesson Draw Along Febuary 16th 2016

Figure Drawing Lesson (Draw Along: Febuary 16th, 2016)

In today’s weekly figure drawing lesson we will cover gesture, anatomy and shading the human body. Today’s guide will include: -Two, one minute poses focusing on gesture -A two minute pose on gesture and a small portion of anatomy -A five minute pose on breaking gesture and anatomy -A 25 minute pose on gesture, anatomy, […]
Drawing Dynamic Figures The FORCE Method

Drawing Dynamic Figures – The FORCE Method

Pro artists Michael Mattesi and Diego Lucia teach you how to make your figures more dynamic. The author behind the Force Books is the guy to help you un-stiff your stiff poses. Subscribe to Proko: To see Force instructor, Swendly Benilia take this pose and design a character around it, head over to Michael […]
FORESHORTENING 1 of 3 How to Draw Foreshortened Figures

How to Draw Foreshortened Figures Tutorial (1 of 3)

Get the free Life Drawing Success guide here – Part 2 of this series, which is about 3 techniques to deal with foreshortening, is here: Foreshortening can be intimidating. In this series of tutorials, we are hoping to make it into a positive thing for you – something that can add drama to […]
What Everyone Gets Wrong Drawing Hands Critiques

What Everyone Gets Wrong Drawing Hands – Critiques

Full 75 minute premium critique for this lesson at Going through all your hand assignments, I noticed most of them have one main issue. They lack structure. Constructing the hand from basic forms and following the primary – secondary – tertiary hierarchy resolves many other issues. It helps to draw the hand accurately from […]
Common Perspective Mistakes Artist Drawing tips

Common Perspective Mistakes – Artist Drawing tips

Tutorials/Templates/Brushes – Trents Books on Kindle – Twitter- Discord – Equipment I use- Many of the students that picked up the Easy Art Lessons #6-10 tagged me in their homework assignment on Twitter. I wanted to do a paint over of a few mistakes that were made and how to […]
Human Figure Proportions Average Figures Dr. Paul Richer

Figure Proportions, Average Figures, Dr. Paul Richer

Full Access to Figure Drawing Videos – Don’t miss new tutorials, signup for my mailing list – Dr. Paul Richer’s “Artistic Anatomy” presents a scientific system for an average European male as measured by Anthropologists. He uses the height of the head as 1 unit and says that the average person is 7.5 […]
charcoal drawing demo expressive figure drawing

Charcoal Drawing: Expressive Figure Drawing.

[MATERIAL] – Drawing pad (Arteza) – Willow charcoal stick. – Knead eraser. – HB Charcoal pencil. * Full list of Zin Lim’s Charcoal drawing material is at [VIDEO QUALITY & SPEED] – Video quality: Full HD (1920×1080) – Video speed: 2X. [CREDIT] – Music by Zin Lim. – Artwork by Zin Lim. – Editing […]
Drawing Frozen2 ElsaHair loose elsa Drawing Hands

Drawing Frozen 2 Elsa (Hair loose) [Drawing Hands]

Colored pencil drawing Frozen2_Elsa(Hair loose elsa) Materials: Carandache Luminance6901, Prisma colored pencils. Thank you so much for watching! ▶︎ Instagram : ▶︎ Facebook page : ▶︎TikTok ID : drawinghands ▶︎ Kakao Channel : #DrawingHands #Painting #Drawing #ColoredPencilDrawing #SpeedPainting #HowtoDrawing #LearnDrawing #드로잉핸즈 #페인팅 #드로잉 #까렌다쉬루미넌스6901 #carandache #색연필화 #드로잉강좌 #그림그리는방법 #드로잉방법 #Frozen #Frozen2 #색연필그림 #Elsa […]
Top 10 Amazing Drawing Tricks

Top 10 Amazing Drawing Tricks

Test your powers of observation with this amazing set of drawing illusion games. In each clip something has been drawn by artist Howard Lee – can you spot it? Can you identify the real object? How sharp is your eyesight? MUSIC: I Don’t See the Branches, I See the Leaves by Chris Zabriskie is licensed […]
Portrait Painting from Life with Cornelia Hernes

Portrait Painting from Life with Cornelia Hernes

Cornelia Hernes is a renowned classical realist painter and teacher from the Florence Academy of Art. In this Masterpiece Demo you get to watch as a professional artist creates a masterpiece from scratch. Cornelia will explain her palette, give tips for mixing color, understanding paint characteristics, types of brushes, solvents, and staining a fresh canvas. […]
Perspective Drawing Tutorials Finding The Perspective Center of an Object Drawing Techniques

Finding The Perspective Center of an Object

Perspective Drawing Fundamentals Course: More Art Courses: For more drawing tutorials, sign up for our FREE newsletter: Connect With Us: Facebook: Google+: Twitter: Pinterest: This video is part of a full lesson, to view the complete lesson, go here: Video Transcript: Sometime in perspective drawing, you may […]
Drawing a Likeness

Drawing a Likeness

In this episode of Aaron’s Art Tips, Aaron takes you through his methods in creating a likeness when drawing. Whether you are drawing from life or are drawing from photographs, these techniques will apply and help you achieve accuracy in your drawing. *** Subscribe to My Channel for More Art & Animation Videos: *** […]
Beginners Acrylic Still Life Painting Techniques Part 1

Beginners Acrylic Still Life Painting – A cherry How to paint an acrylic still life painting, step-by-step free video series with professional artist Will Kemp. Part 1 Click here to download the image to paint along at home. Material list including canvas, acrylic brushes and acrylic paints I use in the video. source
Improve Proportion and Form with these 5 Figure Drawing Tips

5 Figure Drawing Tips to Improve Proportion

Do you want better proportions and a more solid sense of form in your figure drawings? This video is for you! We will talk about 5 key concepts that I cover with my students during classes that help you get proportion without measuring and establish the foundations of shading. I have been teaching figure drawing […]
Beginner Figure Drawing 3 of 10 How to TRAIN YOUR EYE arm and mind

Beginner Drawing – How to TRAIN YOUR EYE, arm and mind

Get our guide ‘Life Drawing Success’, which is all about the one big mistake which led to all my other mistakes: This lesson is about the role your eyes, arm and mind play in your figure drawings. We talk about how your eyes and arm do a lot of the work and need to […]