Painting a Pink Forest

Painting a Pink Forest

JayLee – How to paint with acrylic / Painting Techniques ————————————————— ❖ Channel Membership : Please become a member of my channel. You can buy me a cup of coffee, and push me to create more videos. ————————————————— Jay Lee is a painting YouTuber. He paints a beautiful world on the canvas and shares videos […]
How to Airbrush The Leopard

How to Airbrush The Leopard Learn how to airbrush a realistic looking leopard in this 2 part short video tutorial. It is the finale of the part 2 “Getting Real – with airbrush textures” series! Questions? Join us at or!/AirbrushTutor or Music From: Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) source
Painting a Realistic Landscape – Paint with Ryan

Painting a Realistic Landscape

In today’s acrylic painting lesson we paint a landscape depicting a reflective river running beside a forest full of leaves and foliage. This relaxing painting tutorial is completed for the most part in real time and will cover the step by step process of how to paint trees, reflections, leaves and of course how to […]
EP66 'Bike Basket Bouquet' Easy acrylic painting tutorial – perfect

Bike Basket Bouquet

Acrylic Color Theory 101 available on Udemy: And Skillshare: This course will help new artists succeed in my free weekly classes here on Youtube! Today’s super easy acrylic painting tutorial is perfect for the beginner painter and a perfect activity to do for your mom for Mother’s Day! Make sure to subscribe for […]
Sketching Full Manga Page | Anime Manga Drawing

Sketching Full Manga Page

Sketching Full Manga Page. How to get better together. Learning how to draw faster. anime drawing sketchbooks. Second Channel! KUZO My Social Media Tiktok: Instagram: Twitter: Twitch: Support me on my Patreon, get perks and tutorials!! Related. better at drawing. the fastest way to improve your art. how to […]
Draw a Skull – Halloween Special

Proko: Draw a Skull – Halloween Special

Don’t miss new tutorials, signup for my mailing list – Portrait Drawing Fundamentals – Skelly comes by the studio for this Halloween episode to pose for a portrait. Drawing a human skull from start to finish. Follow Proko: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Tumblr – Google+ – […]
How to draw a Protea flower with soft pastels ?

Protea flower with soft pastels

?How to draw a Protea flower with soft pastels ? How to draw Flowers | Speed Painting ? Materials: * Soft pastels Sennelier, Koh-i-noor * Pastel Pencils * Sandpaper * Paper Blending Stump This video will show you how to draw, quickly and easily, step by step a Protea flower in a few minutes. In […]
3 Oil Painting Mediums and How to Use Them

3 Oil Painting Mediums: How to Use Them

Have you ever wanted to start oil painting? There are a TON of supplies to choose from. This video will show you three of my favorite mediums to use with my oil paints. Think of the mediums as water for watercolor, except with oil paints the mediums can speed up or slow down dry time, […]
5 Things I Wish I Knew as a BEGINNER ARTIST

5 Things I Wish I Knew as a BEGINNER ARTIST

The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: In this video I share 5 things I wish I knew as a beginner artist with you. Links to all the amazing creators that I mentioned in the video: @KamuiCosplay @Adam Duff LUCIDPIXUL @The Art […]
The Making of Chris – a Large Scale Silicone Portrait

Large Scale Silicone Portrait Sculpture

In 2007 I created this hyperreal silicone portrait sculpture, based on my friend, Chris. It wasn’t really an exercise in creating an exacting portrait likeness, but rather in capturing an intensity of character in the sculpture. To this day, it is still one of my favourite works. Two editions of this work were created, both […]
Watercolor Portrait of Winslow Homer in Monochrome

Portrait of Winslow Homer in Monochrome

In this video, I paint a monochrome portrait of one of my favorite watercolor artists, Winslow Homer. I also narrate the process and let you know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Pentallic 7 x10 Watercolor Sketchbook: Follow me on Instagram: brianashmore_studio source
How to mix green acrylic paint

How to mix green acrylic paint How to mix the perfect green for landscape painting in acrylic paints. Basic colour theory for colour mixing whilst painting with acrylics. This video gives a simple demonstration of how you can make different shades of green by mixing different colors. Acrylic Paints used: Ultramarine Blue Cadmium Yellow (light) Burnt umber Phthalo blue Carbon […]
What is COLOUR THEORY??? [hue and saturation] colour wheel/ oil

Hue and saturation in oil painting: COLOUR THEORY

In this video I focus on colour mixing only, understanding how to create grey tones/ values and harmonise your colour palette. #oilpainting #colourmixing #complimentarycolours #markrothko #josefalbers Other social media platforms Instagram: @tomquigleyart Facebook :Tom Quigley Art Twitter: &tom_quigley source
How to Draw Foreshortening with the Coil Technique – Art

How to Draw Foreshortening: Coil Technique

In this video I explain step by step how to draw body shapes and foreshortening using the coil method. It is a fun and easy way to break down your more complex drawings. I feel that it makes the more difficult anatomy drawings easier to understand. I use this method along with basic cone drawing […]
How To Draw Grass in Photoshop

How To Draw Grass in Photoshop

An indepth study on drawing pseudo-realistic detailed grass in Photoshop. Learn how to lay down an awesome looking field complete with lighting and depth effects. We’ll be painting the entire preview image from scratch to learn the ins and outs of drawing grass in Photoshop. To follow this tutorial you will need to download this […]
Experimental Soft Seascape – Wet on Wet Oil Painting

Seascape – Wet on Wet Oil Painting Become a Member: Thanks for tuning in to another episode of me painting. These How-to videos are created as a guide to make paintings but at the same time I believe you can do better than me. So if you see something in the painting you don’t like then leave it out […]
How to draw a winter scenery with soft pastels ?

How to draw a winter scenery with soft pastels

ПОЛНЫЙ БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ УРОК С ОБЪЯСНЕНИЯМИ можно получить по ссылке: ___________________________________________________ ? Link to this video: ___________________________________________________ ?How to draw a winter scenery with soft pastels ? How to draw a Landscape | Speed Painting ? Materials: * Soft pastels “Rembrandt” 120 * Pastel Pencils “Derwent” * Sandpaper 1000 This video will show you […]
CLIP STUDIO PAINT Tutorial [English / Spanish / Korean SUB]

CLIP STUDIO PAINT Tutorial [English SUB]

CLIP STUDIO PAINT Tutorial [ENG / KOREAN SUB] “(3) Ink for character” Draw lines with pens for natural lines and very digital functions. Turn on the subtitle for English or Korean. [Instructors] Kenjiro Kakimoto [Free trial version] Next”(4) Coloring” Prev”(2) Draft – Frame layout” [Official Site] [Facebook] [Twitter] 自然な線が描けるペンとデジタルならではの機能を使って、線画を描きすすめます。 [講師] 柿本ケンジロウ […]
Oil painting techniques : Blending and brushwork

Blending and brushwork

In this video on oil painting techniques, for beginners and advanced painters, we take a look at blending and brushwork : I’ll try to explain how you can create beautiful transitions in your painting without loosing the vitality of your colors. Reference : Harold Speed – Oil painting techniques and material. My website : […]

Sculpting a Velociraptor bust

#marcomakesdinos Buy my figures here: #marcomakesdinos #rubbersaurs Sculpting and making a RUBBER T-REX Action Figure – How to make your dream dinosaur figure. Inspired by the classic Jurassic Park Kenner Toys ENJOY!? You can help me and my channel by supporting me on Patreon, subscribing and liking the video, it means the world guys […]
Sculpting with Monster Clay! – Mask MADNESS Part 1

Sculpting with Monster Clay

Bill and his friend Nick Kettman of Modulus Props show you how to sculpt your own custom mask! Part 2 – Molding & Casting Masks : Buy Nick’s Mask: Links: Join the Extra Credit Club! Modulus Props Tweets by modulusprops Inspirational Sculptor – MissMonsterMel Fantasy Skull Art by […]
How to draw waffles and chocolate with soft pastels ?

Drawing waffles and chocolate with soft pastels

?How to draw waffles and chocolate with soft pastels ? How to draw Food Illustrations | Speed Painting Materials: *Soft pastel “MUNGYO” 48 colors (Made in Korea) * Pastel Pencils “Derwent” 72 colors * Paper for pastels * Paper Blending Stump This video will show you how to draw, quickly and easily, step by step […]