The History of Gothic Cathedrals and Architecture documentary

The History of Gothic Cathedrals and Architecture documentary

Built of stone and glass, persistence and prayer, gothic cathedrals are an epiphany of imagination and an articulation of joy. Featured are such masterpieces as Chartres, Notre Dame and the. Medieval Age Cathedrals | Built by Gothic Architectural Design | Engineering Documentary Films Gothic architecture is a style of architecture that flourished . History of […]
Is graffiti art Or vandalism Kelly Wall

Is graffiti art? Or vandalism? – Kelly Wall

View full lesson: Spray-painted subway cars, tagged bridges, mural-covered walls – graffiti pops up boldly throughout our cities. And it turns out: it’s nothing new. Graffiti has been around for thousands of years. And across that span of time, it’s raised the same questions we debate now: Is it art? Is it vandalism? Kelly […]
39Beyond The Wall39 A Documentary on Graffiti 2018

Beyond The Wall – A Documentary on Graffiti

A 10 minute Documentary on the world of Graffiti, featuring an interview with Billy, the owner of the most notorious Graffiti store in London and Stak, an up and coming artist looking to make it big in the Graffiti game. Sponsored by Enigma Clothing – When beginning this project we wanted to delve into […]
History of Portraiture

History of Portraiture

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A History of Art in Color

A History of Art in Color

Edward Saywell, chair, Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art; Arthur K. Solomon Curator of Modern Art; head, Department of Contemporary Art and MFA Programs From the allure of gold to the purity of white, artists have captivated us for centuries through the evocative power of color. Join us as we explore the history of art […]
Northern Renaissance 1 of 3 The Supreme Art BBC

Northern Renaissance (1 of 3) The Supreme Art (BBC)

Series in which Joseph Leo Koerner argues that the Renaissance in Northern Europe – more so than its Italian counterpart – laid the foundations of modern art. In the early 15th century, the remarkable oil paintings of Flemish artist Jan Van Eyck transformed a lowly craft into the supreme art and began an image revolution […]
Michelangelo Biography Who Was This Guy Really Art History Lesson

Michelangelo Biography: Who Was This Guy, Really? | Art History Lesson

You know Michelangelo for his great work on the Sistine Chapel. But you might not know that his true passion was for sculpture!  Find out more about Michelangelo’s childhood and his Wonder Years as he moves between sculptor and painter. Get even more Artrageous content! SUBSCRIBE: Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram […]
39The History of American Graffiti39 From Subway to Gallery

‘The History of American Graffiti’: From Subway to Gallery

For more on this story, visit Art Beat: Art Beat talks to Caleb Neelon and Roger Gastman, authors of “The History of American Graffiti,” a book that charts the history of the art form in the United States. source
Did Humans Make These Ancient Cave Paintings National Geographic

Did Humans Make These Ancient Cave Paintings? | National Geographic

Or was it Neanderthals? This question and others tantalize researchers investigating early paintings in some of Europe’s caves. The paintings date back to a time when Neanderthals and early modern humans lived side by side. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world’s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their […]
History of Art Documentary

History of Art Documentary

Please order ebook/audiobook of this video to support our channel, or This film is on a revitalizing and awe inspiring revelation about the study of Art History. The meaning of it, and the methods used to study the artefacts by the art historians. How it came to improve in the developing years […]
The School of Athens Raphael Art Analysis Video Essay

The School of Athens, Raphael | Art Analysis (Video Essay)

Here, I analyse the School of Athens. Raphael’s masterpiece. The context is everything, and the fact that the School of Athens formed part of the Pope’s private library, and in fact was one of four frescos in the room gives us much more to unpick about its meaning and inspirations. Podcast interview: source
The History of Portraits

The History of Portraits

The National Portrait Gallery has just turned 20 so we thought it was a good time to find out more about this historical artform and why portraits are still so popular. Portraits are all about capturing people in a moment in time. There are whole galleries around the globe dedicated to portraits. There are portrait […]
How Much Have Drawing Tablets Changed The RAND Tablet Digital Art History

How Much Have Drawing Tablets Changed? – The RAND Tablet [Digital Art History]

How much has your drawing tablet changed since tablets were invented? In this episode of Digital Art History, I’ll review the granddaddy of all drawing tablets, the RAND Tablet. Check out more of my TECH REVIEWS for digital artists: MY DIGITAL ART & YOUTUBE GEAR: (Affiliate link) (DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored […]
Why babies in medieval paintings look like ugly old men

Why babies in medieval paintings look like ugly old men

Why are the babies in medieval art so ugly? Phil Edwards dug a little to find out: Follow Phil Edwards and Vox Almanac on Facebook for more: Subscribe to our channel! is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the […]
Art History What Makes a Caravaggio

Art History: What Makes a Caravaggio?

Frederick Ilchman, chair, Art of Europe; and Mrs. Russell W. Baker Curator of Paintings Despite a brief and controversial career, Caravaggio remains one of the most influential and absorbing of all Italian painters. The presence in Boston of four important works from Italy in “Visiting Masterpieces: Caravaggio and Connoisseurship” provides a rare opportunity to confront […]
The da Vinci puzzle Restoring The Last Supper BBC News

The da Vinci puzzle: Restoring The Last Supper – BBC News

In the spring of 1999 a small team of experts, led by the renowned Italian art restorer Pinin Brambilla, concluded the mammoth task of restoring Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper. Da Vinci had been commissioned to paint the fresco on a wall in Milan’s convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in 1498. But […]