Painting the face in a Byzantine icon. By Theodoros Papadopoulos

Painting the face – Byzantine icon. By T. Papadopoulos

Theodoros Papadopoulos’s School of Iconography: Master Iconographer, Theodoros Papadopoulos’s, School of Iconography offers students of all levels, from the beginner to the professional, an opportunity to learn and/or refine their techniques in the sacred art of Byzantine iconography. Ancient and modern techniques are taught in the courses, while developing confidence in the students through […]
Medieval helm study shiny steel armour digital art How to draw

How to draw a Medieval helm – digital art

A time lapse video of me painting a shiny steel medieval helmet (armour / armor) using photo reference. Painting shiny reflective metal is hard! This did not turn out quite as well as I was hoping and took me wayy longer then expected, about 4 hours to be exact! But that just shows more studying […]
Painting a Portrait on Aluminium

Painting a Portrait on Aluminium

Fergus A Ryan on a visit to Florence and a step-by-step painting of an oil portrait on an aluminium panel. By Fergus A Ryan source
PORTRAIT OF AN ICON MAKER by the hand of Adrian Gor


Gor, Adrian. “Portrait Of An Icon Maker,” Documentary Film, 30 min. Spectrum Research Repository, Concordia University, 2012-2015. DESCRIPTION: Part of my doctoral research-creation project, this video documentation shows how I build a sort of monastic, Byzantine relationship with a wood-panel icon. The video documents different stages involved in the process of icon making: carving the […]
Distorting Madonna in Medieval art James Earle

Distorting Madonna in Medieval art – James Earle

View full lesson: After Rome was destroyed, people were wary of attachment to physical beauty. As Christianity gained traction, Romans instead began to focus on the metaphysical beauty of virtue, and art began to follow suit. James Earle discusses how Medieval paintings of Madonna were affected by this shift. Lesson by James Earle (, […]
The Art of Edmund Blair Leighton

The Art of Edmund Blair Leighton

Let’s take a look 4 paintings by Edmund Blair Leighton. Note: Keep in mind that historical concepts of the middle ages were very different at the time that this art was made. Including key aspects of society, chivalry, and social norms. We must keep that in mind when looking at these paintings. Find more on […]
Medieval Cathedral Painting Backgrounds for Animation 18 Nicker Poster Colour

Medieval Cathedral | Painting Backgrounds for Animation

The goal of this visual was to play with the contrast of the lighting in the foreground and background, to create a focus on the cathedral looming over a medieval street. Paint: Nicker Poster Colour Brush: Japanese Brush (特選 Tokusen) (大 dai) (線描筆 senbyou) Paper: TMK paper Tools: Grooved ruler with guide and other brushes […]
The controversial art of Michelangelo

The controversial art of Michelangelo

Michelangelo destroyed many of his drawings and sketches later in life, thinking that only the perfect ones should survive him. This is partly the reason why the attribution of his work is quite controversial. Art historians believe there are about 600 drawings by Michelangelo. Swiss expert Alexander Perrig says only about 100 are authentic. (SF […]
Acrylic pouring Easy Ring Swirl Trying out Primary Elements ColourArte

Acrylic pouring | Trying out Primary Elements ColourArte

Acrylic pouring | Easy Ring Swirl | Trying out Primary Elements ColourArte I was sent the primary elements pigments from leslie ohnstad And they are super fun to work with! I show how to mix them in the video. Colors are in the video as well. I used her pouring medium for this one. The […]
Egg tempera self portrait

Egg tempera self portrait

Next phase in progress, color scumble and glaze on skin areas. Follow me or subscribe on any of the social media bellow. source
Medieval Landscape Oil Painting Gabriel Barbu

Medieval Landscape Oil Painting – Gabriel Barbu

Medieval Landscape Speed painting, oil on canvas by Gabriel Barbu MATERIALS USED IN THIS VIDEO: Oil colors Bent brushes of different sizes Linseed oil Cotton painting canvas Straight pine frame Visit AFK website for free printable steps: LIKE me on FACEBOOK! Hi there! My name is Gabriel ( Gabi ) I love doing […]
Egg tempera

Egg tempera

Egg tempera mixing pigments and painting under-painting source
Andrew Wyeth

Egg tempera Artist Andrew Wyeth Interview

Charles Osgood travels to Benner Island, off the coast of Maine, for an Emmy Award-winning interview with painter Andrew Wyeth on his 80th birthday. Originally broadcast July 13, 1997. source
Art I Medieval 500–1400 with Rick Steves

Art I: Medieval 500–1400, with Rick Steves

Subscribe at for more new travel lectures! A.D. 500: Rome shatters into a thousand kingdoms. See how Europe pieces itself back together: the castles of the Dark Ages, the grandeur of Romanesque churches, the soaring arches and stained glass of the Gothic style, and the rise of cities and trade that would bring the […]
The History of Acrylic Paint amp Golden MSA Paints

The History of Acrylic Paint & Golden MSA Paints

Acrylics are probably newer than you think, and they weren’t always as friendly to work with. Today I look at the history of Acrylic Paint and how it went from a petroleum product to a water based one. UPDATE!: Thanks the generous staff at Golden Artist Colors and their Creative Director Chris Farrell for tossing […]
quotНиколай Угодникquot. Часть 1

Painting icon of Nikolai the Sinner – Video demonstration

Icon of Nikolai the Sinner. Board with gesso 30×24 cm. Egg yolk tempera (dry pigments + egg yolk) Roskrysh – the opening of the icon, the laying of the main tones. Икона Николай Угодник. Доска с левкасом 30х24 см. Яичная желтковая темпера (сухие пигменты+яичный желток) Роскрышь – раскрытие иконы, закладка основных тонов. ____________________________________________________________ Композиция “Unfoldment, […]
Fresco Pigments

Fresco Pigments

Pigments used in Fresco Technique. How to prepare the pallet for Fresco Technique. source