The Armstrong and Miller Show Best Of The Clumsy

Best of the Clumsy Art Historian – The Armstrong & Miller Show

A little of humor… Video from the Hat Trick channel.   Dennis Lincoln-Park doesn’t have a whole lot of luck. Watch his best moments as he unintentionally annihilates the art works of our time. From Wikipedia: The Armstrong & Miller Show is a British sketch comedy television show produced by Hat Trick Productions for BBC […]
Rembrandt etchings quotan introductionquot presented by art historian Nicholas Usherwood

Rembrandt etchings an introduction by Nicholas Usherwood

The art historian Nicholas Usherwood, describes Rembrandt’s etchings in a short film for Goldmark Gallery’s exhibition. To view or purchase original prints by Rembrandt on the Goldmark Gallery website click here: Biography – Born in Leiden in 1606, Rembrandt was to become the most important artist of the Dutch Golden Age. His unparalleled skills […]