Painting a cheetah using a hair dryer with inks on

Painting a cheetah with inks

This is a slowed down time lapse of me painting the face of a Cheetah. My favorite art supplies to use when painting my animals (Amazon Affiliate Links): ?Yupo Paper: ?Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks: ?FW Acrylic Inks: ?Bombay India Inks: For those who have asked, here is a list of products/equipment […]
The Making of Chris – a Large Scale Silicone Portrait

Large Scale Silicone Portrait Sculpture

In 2007 I created this hyperreal silicone portrait sculpture, based on my friend, Chris. It wasn’t really an exercise in creating an exacting portrait likeness, but rather in capturing an intensity of character in the sculpture. To this day, it is still one of my favourite works. Two editions of this work were created, both […]
How To Paint _HAIR and FUR_ TUTORIAL

Digital painting: HAIR and FUR TUTORIAL

please join my insta account: how to paint hair, different techniques for painting hair and fur How to paint hair and fur on characters: The MA Brushes: All my other links: source
Redrawing YOUR Original Character in my Style! :D

Redrawing YOUR Original Character in my Style!

Fan Redraw videos have always been some of my favorites to make, and it’s been so long since the last one! This time, I chose the winner live on my Twitch stream. Congrats your character Devil Ray is so awesome!! I love how different this original character is, she has such a cool presence […]
DO'S & DON'TS: How to Draw Realistic Hair | Step

How to Draw Realistic Hair – Step by Step

Want to create drawings you are proud of? Get your FREE guide ’10 Steps to Better Artwork’ here: Longer Tutorials | Patreon | DRAWING & PAINTING COURSES on my Website: In this pencil drawing tutorial I am demonstrating some common mistakes beginners make when drawing Hair in Graphite pencil Art Blog: […]
This TIP will bring your drawings to life – Drawing

Drawing REALISTIC HAIR and Figure Studies.

Hey everyone! I hope you are all safe and healthy!:) In this video I would love to share my quarantine practice. Hopefully you find it helpful or you simply enjoy the video. If you like this video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe!:) Real-time video + more than 100 videos + drawing […]


Music: Echolox – The Steps We Take ⇨ ⇦ Get a signed print or the original: | Merch with this picture: Patreon……………..► deviantArt………….► Instagram………….► Twitter……………….► Originals & Prints..► Merch & Prints……► Facebook…………..► Questions about materials, brushes, colors, paper etc.? Watch my Q&A series! ⇨ ⇦ Ink / Colors / Material used: […]
Paint Hair like a Pro Digital Painting

Paint Hair like a Pro – Digital Art – EricAnthonyj

A digital painting tutorial on how to paint hair. If you liked this vid then give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel! 🙂 • Clip Studio Paint Brushes – Instagram & Twitter – @ ericanthonyj Email – [email protected] ——————————————————————– • My Store – • Patreon – ——————————————————————– Music: Chillhop […]
PAINTING TIMELAPSE Expressive Portrait in Oil quotWorsequot

Female portrait oil painting – Dannika Sullivan

In this time lapse video, Dannika Sullivan shows her process to paint a portrait of a girl with oil colors. She start painting on a midtone then she adds lights and shadows.    There were many times I wanted to throw this piece out the window during the making of it. Maybe the state of […]
PAINTING TIMELAPSE Expressive Portrait in Oil quotPeachyquot

Girl portrait painting in Oil – Time lapse – Dannika Sullivan

Oil with gel and cold wax medium on 6″x 6″ paint panel. Find prints and originals of my artwork at: Reference Model: Gracie Abrams INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: BUY ME A COFFEE? Music: Lulu – Underbelly source
Pencil Drawing Shahrukh Khan A realistic portrait drawing timelapse

Pencil drawing: Shahrukh Khan – realistic portrait drawing

Material Used: Board: Strathmore 300 series smooth surface Bristol board Pencils: Staedtler Mars Lumograph 2H – 6B, Mars Lumograph Black 8B – 6B & a 12B graphite pencil. Erasers: Tombow Mono Zero & Kneaded Eraser Blending: Soft Bristle Paint brush, Cotton Buds & Blending stump. Subscribe to my channel: HYPER REALISTIC EYE: Cristiano […]
how to draw and color hair in a bun ft arteza color pencils

How to draw and color hair in a bun ft. Arteza color pencils

Hope this video was helpful to you all! ♡Art Supplies I Use Click Links To Buy! Arteza Products(Professional and Inexpensive!) Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencil( For Sketching!) Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook( My Fave Sketch Book) GET ARTEZA 48 COLOR PENCILS FOR $15 HERE! CLICK LINK BELOW! ✧・゚: *✧・゚My Pinterest:… Send me love Loves! ♡ P.O. […]
Copic Art Zero Vampire Knight DRAWING Narrated

Copic Art – Zero Vampire Knight DRAWING (Narrated)

Check me out on Instagram: Jordan_Persegati_Art I’m sick again! :s Hopefully you guys still enjoy the video anyway 🙂 So here’s the colouring stage of my Zero drawing from Vampire Knight. I’m working on lots of requests at the moment, so sorry if I’m taking ages, I’m doing my best to get them done! I’ll […]
Lion King OIL PAINTING Wildlife Tutorial Underpainting Technique Paint with

Lion OIL PAINTING Underpainting Technique – MazArt

A brand new online TWO PART Oil Painting tutorial of a beautiful lion Wildlife painting. Suitable for beginners Using an underpainting technique and glazing the color layers During this TWO PART video oil painting workshop you will ALSO receive a FREE PACKET/DOWNLOAD (PDF) instructions which include step by step photos making this a manageable project. […]
How to create Portrait Flat Illustration based on photo in

How to create Portrait Flat Illustration from photo – Illustrator

Using Adobe illustrato CC19 Follow me on instagram dribbble Need illustration? contact me on [email protected] Backsound : Dream A Day from Youtube Audio Library Photo Stock : #tutorial #flatillustration #vector source
PAINTING TIMELAPSE Expressive Portrait in Oil 39Disregard39

Expressive Girl Portrait in Oil – ‘Disregard’

Oil painting on 16×20″ canvas. Find prints and originals of my artwork at: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: source
Tutorial How to draw realistic blonde hair with colored

How to draw blonde hair with colored pencils | Emmy Kalia

In this video I show how I draw blonde hair with colored pencils. SUBSCRIBE HERE: • Support: • Shop: • Facebook: • Instagram: source
How to Draw a Princess Easy Character Design

How to Draw a Princess – Easy – Character Design

Would you like to learn how to draw a fairy princess? A beautiful fairy princess? With a charming smile and twinkle in her eyes? Then you’ll want to follow along ad get all of Christopher Hart’s tips for drawing fairies. Christopher Hart, and I am the leading author of how-to-draw books. His books have sold […]
MOST IMPORTANT TIP for Painting HAIR in Watercolor

MOST IMPORTANT TIP for Painting HAIR in Watercolor

PAINTING & DRAWING COURSES on my Website: Real-Time Drawing/ Painting Tutorials | Patreon: Watercolour Materials I like to use: Cotman watercolours: Sketchbook: Binder Clip: Silver Brush Paintbrushes: Windsor and newton gouache: Washi Tape: Gel pen: Gold ink: Masking fluid pen: Masking fluid bottle: […]
Inking in Manga Studio 5 with the G Pen Demonstration

Inking in Manga Studio 5 with the G Pen Demonstration

This is just a quick warm up before I start working on my comic book. I had some recent questions about my settings in Manga Studio when using the G-Pen so here they are. If you are not getting a good thick to thin line always remember to check your tablet settings as well. You […]
How to paint a chow chow puppy Tips on painting long soft hair

How to paint a chow chow puppy – Painting long, soft hair

In this video, I discuss how to paint long haired dogs and cats, different ways to paint black fur, what paint colors I used to paint brown fur, and more. If you’re interested in learning from me more closely, join me on Patreon at There are different tiers of benefits, but you always get […]