The Venetian Method – Grisaille

The Venetian Method – Grisaille

Here I demonstrate two methods of creating a grisaille (grayscale underpainting). In the first method I use a wipe-out technique and in the second I use an opaque technique. Overview: 0:00 Wipe-out: 4:40 Opaque: 23:24 Explanation: 33:40 source
How to Paint Grisaille Underpainting Lesson 5 Oil

How to Paint Grisaille Underpainting for Beginners

The main purpose of the Grisaille layer is to make half-tones of the painted objects.It is not coloring that is most important in painting but tone.Old Masters believed that the painting should be made in gray; color pigments can easily be bought later. Oil Painting Basics will cover lessons on how to prepare canvas surface […]
Portrait Painting Tutorial A Strategy for Success

Portrait Painting Tutorial – A Strategy for Success

In this week’s episode we will be looking at one of many techniques for successfully creating portrait paintings! Please help support my channel on PATREON: If you would like to purchase an original painting: Do you live near the Maryland, DC, Virginia area? Well… Paint with me in person: Take a class […]
Self Portrait in Oil using a grid grisaille and colour glazing

Self-Portrait in Oil using a grid, grisaille and colour glazing

This is a demonstration. NOTE It is not meant to be a lesson. Each frame taken every minute – about 40 hours in total. For an explanation of the grid and the elastic strings see my other video Laserdisc by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…) Source: Artist: […]
Underpainting Why would you do that

Underpainting: Why would you do that?

In this video, I introduce my two most common underpaintings techniques I use in my work. Underpainting: the base layer of a painting. Brunaille: A brown underpainting Grisaille: A grey underpainting source
Two Satyrs Hi Res thumbnail e1581008809346

Rubens painting technique Tutorial – Two Satyrs

Rubens Technique  In the process of copying the Two Satyrs by Peter Paul Rubens, I tried, within the limits of my abilities, to guess the sequence of the layers and the opaque or transparent nature of the colors of the original painting. The outcome is this article, which provides a complete step-by-step demonstration of the […]
Oil painting palette

Oil painting – A simple guide for beginners

Introduction  Oil was used as a binder for pigments from the sixteenth century and it became the most popular medium during the next four centuries. Even today it’s one of the most used techniques in visual Arts. Painting in oil could be intimidating but don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. Read this guide and […]