14 Gold A History of Art in Three Colours

Gold: A History of Art in Three Colours (Ep1/4 )

First broadcast: 25 Jul 2012. Episode 1/3 For the very first civilisations and also our own, the yellow lustre of gold is the most alluring and intoxicating colour of all. From the midst of pre-history to a bunker deep beneath the Bank of England, Dr James Fox reveals how golden treasures made across the ages […]
Japanese Style Sketchbook Cover Speedpaint Matthew Sorgie

Japanese Style Sketchbook Cover – Matthew Sorgie

Hey guys, so in this video I am going to be painting the cover of a sketchbook that I actually made myself. So if you’re interested in how I did this leave a comment below and I’ll make a video for you! Its an old Japanese style of binding so I thought the cover should […]
How to draw gold metallic object with colored pencils

How to draw gold object with colored pencils – A beetle.

In this tutorial, i am sharing some tips for drawing gold or metallic objects in general. I am drawing a golden beetle for the demo as i find it easy to understand the basics with that. I have used prismacolor pencils and faber castell polychromos pencils for the demo. Time taken for the drawing — […]