Oilpainting Caravaggio Technique Timelapse Old Man

Caravaggio painting technique – Old Master Paintings

Indirect painting has been applied by many Old Masters in the past centuries. Learn the layers sequence watching this time lapse video from the “Old Master Painting” channel.   A little painting exercise. It´s part of Caravaggios painting “Supper at Emmaus” from 1601. The original is located in the National Gallery in London. Here you […]
Apostles Head Glazing Technique in Oil

Apostles Head Glazing Technique in Oil

This head was painted in several layers with some days break between the sessions. After the underpainting with brown colours I added some white to create more volume. The next layer was thick impasto paint. After that there where two layers of glazing. source
Two Satyrs Hi Res thumbnail e1581008809346

Rubens painting technique Tutorial – Two Satyrs

Rubens Technique  In the process of copying the Two Satyrs by Peter Paul Rubens, I tried, within the limits of my abilities, to guess the sequence of the layers and the opaque or transparent nature of the colors of the original painting. The outcome is this article, which provides a complete step-by-step demonstration of the […]