Sketchbook Painting Flesh Figures – Watercolor Gouache

Hello art-family,
I hope you’re all doing well. Thanks very much to all the new subscribers. I hope you’re finding the videos helpful or encouraging in some way. Things have been crazy for me because we’re in the process of moving. I can’t wait to get settled into my new studio up north.

I want to say a special thank you to the website “Croquis Cafe” who graciously let me use their images for these demonstrations.

I stick to sketching with paint in this video because there’s no way I’m going to touch the quality of educational information out there on Proko’s channel. He’s really creating a bank of incredible knowledge. I’m sure most of you know it but here’s a link:

Another great place for classes is New Master’s Academy.
They also have youtube videos with timed figure sessions.

Figure session is a great way to expand your ability in drawing and painting. It’s an infinitely complex universe of form and curves. For years now, as part of my daily routine I’ve done at least 10 figure sketches, usually just in pen. I also attend live sessions as much as possible and recommend you do the same. As always, good luck and happy sketching,
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