Introduction to Storyboarding

Online course Introduction to Storyboarding by Laura Ewing Ferrer

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Who is it for?

For illustrators and future storyboarders who want to learn about the language of cinema to add more narrative to their work while also discovering the mechanics of the industry. Cinema enthusiasts who want to learn basic tools to create storyboards for live-action movies, advertising, or animation will also enjoy the course.

What you need

To take this course, basic drawing skills will be helpful but not essential.

You will need a computer and digital software with a layer function. Laura will use Adobe Photoshop, but you can use whichever you prefer. If you don’t have experience in perspective drawing, you can use software like Autodesk, Krita, or Photoshop that have built-in perspective functions. You can also use a pencil and paper if you feel more comfortable.


Course overview
18 Lessons (2h 30m)
29 downloads (13 files)
12 exercises
Course Final Project
U1: Introduction
What We Will Do in This Course?
U2: Learning the Language of Cinema
Why Do We Need Storyboarding?
Types of Shot Sizes and Why We Use Them
Framing and Composition
U3: Rules of Thumb
Rule of Thirds
Crossing the Axis 180º
Looking at Others Do What They Do
How to Represent Camera Movements
U4: My Process
Getting Technical Notes
Thumbnails Testing Framing and Composition
Story Sketch
Final Panels
U5: How to Present Your Work
How to Name Your Scenes and Present Your Work
Dealing with Clients
Portfolio and Website Tips
Final Project
  • 18 Lessons (2h 30m)
  •  29 Additional resources (13 files)
  •  Online and at your own pace
  •  Available from the app
  •  Audio: English
  •  Subtitles: EnglishSpanishPortugueseGermanFrenchItalian
  •  Level: BEGINNER
  •  Unlimited access forever
  •  Certificate upon completion of the course
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