Introduction to Brush Lettering

Online course Introduction to Brush Lettering by James Lewis

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What is this course’s project?

You’ll paint two famous logos and complete the guide sheet, learning a unique style of brush lettering

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at the lettering enthusiast looking to convert their hobby into a viable business. Also, graphic designers looking to expand their logotype knowledge and skillset in an effort to stand out in a crowded market and provide a truly bespoke service to their clients.

What you need

You won’t need any previous experience or knowledge.

As for materials, you’ll need a lettering brush, a brush marker, acrylic paint, pencil, ruler, tracing paper, carbon transfer paper, grid paper, canvas board, and an easel or desk stand.

Course overview
17 Lessons (2h 28m)
10 downloads (6 files)
10 exercises
Course Final Project
U1: Who is James Lewis?
What We Will Do in the Course
U2: The Fundamentals of Brush Lettering
Tools and Technique
Calligraphy, Lettering, and Type Design
An introduction to Brush Lettering – The Brush Pen
Beginning with a Brush
Developing your Skills with a Brush – Part 1
Developing your Skills with a Brush – Part 2
Developing your Skills with a Brush – Part 3
U3: Brush Lettering a Logo
Brief and Custom Logos
Logo Painting Preparation
Replicating Coca Cola’s logotype – The Paint Brush
Replicating Champion’s logotype: A Different Approach
U4: Going Further
Varnish and Framing our Work
From Analog to Digital
Showcasing your work and building an audience
Final Project
  •  17 Lessons (2h 28m)
  •  10 Additional resources (6 files)
  •  Online and at your own pace
  •  Available from the app
  •  Audio: English
  •  Subtitles: EnglishSpanishPortugueseGermanFrenchItalian
  •  Level: BEGINNER
  •  Unlimited access forever
  •  Certificate upon completion of the course
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