How to paint portrait in 5 simple steps

This is a short guide to painting portrait in 5 easy steps. If you are begginer and you want to learn how to paint portrait or just a face in smart way, quickly and easily then this short paintint tutorial is for you. Since painting portrait can be quite difficult we will tackle it step by step.

Many begginer artists are struggling to paint a portrait, since it’s difficult to know where to begin.
While I talk about all of these steps you can watch me painting the portrait in timelapse behind me. Painting technique doesn’t matter all that much , I use watercolours combined with white goauche.
You could always try changing your technique if it doesn’t suit you.

Painting can be more difficult than drawing for some people because it requires some more knowledge. I will explain how I do it, what is my aproach and I give you more examples and remember, never give up on doing art.
Progressing in art, drawing and painting requires time, focus and learning how to view things.

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