How to get out of a drawing funk

I’ve been stuck in a drawing funk lately. This video takes us on a sketchcrawl adventure to fill up an entire sketchbook in 24 hours, and overcome the drawing funk. I also describe the cause and solution to why artists get creative blocks.

Here is the link to download the PDF from –

The Moleskine sketchbook from this video can be found on Amazon here..

And I used the Pentel Pocket Brush


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The type of sketchbook I use is the Earthbound Cachet sketchbook, available here:

The white pen I use is a White Gelly Roller Gel pen available at most arts and crafts stores, or on Amazon…

Red/Blue Colored pencil from Prismacolor –

I’ve made two videos talking about the types of drawing supplies I use…

And another demonstrating them…


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