How to draw feet with shoes for beginners

How to draw feet for beginners

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw feet and shoes really easy. Find out how to sketch the anatomy of the feet using pencils. Sketch after my drawings and learn how to draw feet in any position!

As I always say at the end of my videos, your comments are very important for me and I will try to reply with a tutorial to each of you who left a comment below my description.

This tutorial is for Kyla Verde, Philomena Bulem and Maureen Fredrika and to all of you who asked about how to draw feet – a tutorial made for beginners.

We start by drawing two parallel lines. The line from the left part is intersecting a circle, in its middle. Then we draw a pair of parallel lines, but this time they are a little bit curved. After this, you will draw a triangle that has the base parallel with the lower part of your paper. Once again, the 3 easy steps and then, all yu have to do is to connect the shapes.

When finishing, just add the shoes, as you want them to be – with high heels for example.
Depending on this, here are 2 drawings that show you the angle of the feet.

I will draw the same steps for the other foot, and once again I will continue by connecting the primary shapes.
Also, depending on the heels, here are two possible positions.

Now that you know the steps, I will show you that with my technique you can draw feet in any position. For example, take a photo and try to sketch after it.

Don’t forget about the three steps: axes, primary shapes and connections.

I will take another photo and I will sketch the feet following the same rule. Use a simple, thin line for your drawings because you will have enought time to strengthen your lines at the end. Now simply add the details of the shoes.

The last thing I wanted to let you know is the line.
Don’t use multiple lines – they are for amateurs. A real artist uses simple shapes and then, when he is decides for the perfect shape, he just connects the simple lines.

After more exercises, you will see that these steps are not needed anymore. And you will be able to draw the feet- and in fact anything – just by tracing a single line.


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