Gallery Refuses to Pay Artist After Selling Paintings | The Art World Is Changing

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Italian Gallery Refuses to Pay Artist Jeremy Mann for 9 Sold Paintings. What can we learn from this situation? Are galleries still necessary? Read more below:
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Galleries used to market the artist and really help sell their paintings. Now, they hardly market at all – the artist actually markets the gallery and the gallery sits back and collects their commission for a sale.

The art world is changing due to social media and the internet. Artists are continually abandoning the gallery model – Instead selling online and making their own living.

Take a look at the Music Industry – Galleries are no different than record labels. Independent Hip/Hop artists – Hopsin – Makes music in his basement or in his own room and makes over $2 Million per year with a record label or record deal.

Artists no longer need record labels for marketing.

Finnish Metal band Wintersun is now doing a crowdfunding campaign to build their own studio to put out their future albums faster. Why? Their record label nuclear blast cannot give them the funds they need to create these epic albums. The band doesn’t make enough from their label to create the music they want.
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