Drawing: Foreshortening BasiMentals – Tutorial (2019)

What’s going on everybody its ya favorite Arttreprenuer BasiMental and today we are rapping up my first drawing series of “Things You Need to Know When You Start Drawing.” This series ranges from the extreme basics of line work all the way up to this video about Foreshortening. This series was to get you to start thinking differently about how you can start creating and ways to improve your creations. From a more formal form of drawing training.

In this video in particular we are as I said focused on Foreshortening which to me is perspective focused on a singluar, person object, or place, resulting in the overlapping of shapes as well as an increase in depth and and distance based on the point of view in which the subject is drawn. This involves alot of practical knowledge as well as creativity depending on again, the subject you’re drawing. Foreshortening can be used one simple shapes to the most complicated of form such as building, landscapes and even the human body. But in this video were focusing on the BasiMentals or basic fundamentals of drawing foreshortening which is obviously the shapes.

This relates directly to 1, 2, 3, and 4 point perspective because you can use the grids that we used in previous videos “Drawing: BasiMentals – 1 & 2 Point Perspective (3 4 & 5?) – Drawing Tutorials (2019)” ( this title may change) because as object proceed away from you into space or closer you to you, it is much easier to draw them using simple shapes that follow the rules of these perspective grids. Of course we go over them briefly to remind everyone of how to use the perspective grid assists.
They assist with drawing everything when designing characters and space.

Also speaking of characters theres some new content coming down the chopping block, that is gonna test my creativity as well as my discipline and how good I actually am. I’ve had this idea for a while now and is something Ive always wanted to do. But I’ll be honest I was extremely nervous about posting anything of the sort because of internet trolls and just not feeling like Im good enough. But I decided Im gonna play my cards and change my game. Im gonna be starting an Anime Fusion series, where I take two previous creations of anime and combine them into completely new characters such as the ones mentioned in this video. Soul Eater and Naruto where the first to come to mind because they each are very dope animated series. The second Idea I had was crossing celebrities in out reality with heroes of other realities mainly in animation and cartoons, because why not. Another extreme test of my creativity which Im excited to do. Ill be telling each characters stories and how the came to be who they are based on there real life counter parts. Lol. The first one I have so far is “All Rock: The Most Electrifying Hero” and if you havent guessed it is a combination of “All Might” from My Hero Academia and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

So that new content coming down the pipeline. And lets not forget my dance videos as well those are gonna be coming soon just getting some ish together for that, mainly me and this brain of mine. Ill be posting the finished products on my instagram as well so you can check them out. Lol but all in all I hope you all learn something from this video and will use its info to better yourselves in drawing and creating and making your BasiMentals as solid and as much of second nature as you can to continue growing as artists. Thank you all so much for checking out this videos and I cant wait to bring more content!!! LETS GET IT!!!!

Its ya favorite Arttrepreneur BasiMental saying to Be Creative, Play Your Cards and Change the Game! Ill see ya in the next video!

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